13 January 2017

Massive Spreading Hole Ripping Open On The Sun! Holes In Earth’s Magnetic Field Scientists Are On Alert, As Earth Is Being Transformed Into Science Fiction Reality

An elongated coronal hole stretching across the face of the sun sent solar wind particles gushing toward Earth last week. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has revealed a stunning animation of the phenomenon, showing the massive dark patch marring the surface of our star

Massive Spreading Hole Ripping Open On The Sun! Holes In Earth’s Magnetic Field Scientists Are On Alert, As Earth Is Being Transformed Into Science Fiction Reality

Earth is getting blasted…

1.  Hole opens up on the sun and it’s spreading!

Story image for sun hole from Daily Mail

NASA image shows vast ‘hole‘ spreading across the solar surface

Daily Mail-Jan 11, 2017
An elongated coronal hole stretching across the face of the sun sent solar … area near the center and lower portion of the sun,’ NASA explains.

Story image for earth magnetic field from Express.co.uk

WARNING: Hole opens up on Sun blasting Earth with SOLAR WINDS

Express.co.uk-Jan 11, 2017
When magnetic field lines travel from the interior of the sun to its … the sun this past week so that it is now streaming solar wind towards Earth”.
2.  Breaches in earth’s magnetic field
Story image for breach magnetic field from Deccan Herald

Breach in Earth’s magnetic field

Deccan Herald-Dec 19, 2016
Breach in Earth’s magnetic field. Palahalli R Vishwanath, Dec 20, 2016,. Detrimental. The EAS experiment at Ooty;. It is known that solar storms can cause major …
Story image for breach magnetic field from Sky & Telescope

Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Been Breached

Jobs & Hire-Oct 24, 2016
The researchers explained that Themis, five NASA satellite, observed that our planet’s

Story image for breach magnetic field from Jobs & Hire

Crack In Earth’s Magnetic Field Alerts Scientists

Jobs & Hire-Nov 5, 2016
The Earth’s magnetic field which protects our planet from cosmic radiation has been breached and scientists are investigating how severe the …

3.  Earth being transformed

How climate change transformed the Earth in 2016

CBS NewsDec 27, 2016
2016 was a milestone year in the continued warming of the planet. From unstable agriculture to the drought in California to melting ice sheets to …
4.  Attracting universal attention, as we calibrate to new energies.
So imagine Prime Creator transforming earth, by creating holes in the sun, and the earth’s magnetic field, so that ever-increasing blasts of cosmic radiation is transforming all life on earth, and you get the picture… reality as we know it on our planet, is changing forever, as humans transmutate from homo sapien, to homo christos… of course, it makes sense you will have to re-calibrate your body and energy field, to keep up…. shedding old illusions and all that would create resistance, within you, until only love remains… meanwhile, earth leaders resist because it means they will have to give up control, which we all have to give up… it involves a surrender to a power…. the greatest power that ever existed and will always exist… Creator.

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