12 January 2017

Prepare Your Body For Upcoming Cosmic Radiation Blasts With Ionic Foot Baths And Special Detox Clay Beverage

Prepare Your Body For Upcoming Cosmic Radiation Blasts With Clay And Ionic Foot Baths, Special Detox Clay Beverage

See this: St. Germain: Cosmic Pulse “Event” Coming Will Increase Consciousness 10X

Yup humans… two safe and easy ways to detox… often shunned or misunderstood by many…

  1. Ionic foot baths –  Basically mimicking mother earth, since our feet have an electrical relationship with mother earth… we can introduce negative ions, into the body through the feet, which will assist our bodies to detox from heavy metals and other positively-charged toxins.
  2. Clay also holds a negative charge, and can attach to positively-charged toxins.

Cosmic radiation blasts are here and are increasing, leading towards a quantum shift.  As cosmic plasma blasts it’s way through our earth and bodies, it is experienced as either a cleansing or illness or death.

Imagine when you get electrocuted… if there is ‘electrical resistance’ in the body, the body can short-circuit.

Imagine when you get electrocuted, if the energy can flow through you, your body will not short-circuit.

That’s the best way I can easily explain it to you.

It’s why I have chosen to sell ionic foot bath plates online, knowing for years, that it’s one of the best safe, simple and affordable products I could stand beside, knowing I am offering the best to you.

There are other ways to detox of course… it’s all up to you to find and utilize what works best for you.

Special Detox Clay Beverage: Right now in my water bottle, I am enjoying a dash of clay and baking soda (it takes about 10 seconds to make)… and my digestive system hums along nicely… no sicknesses, I’ve got very energy and vitality, because the toxins that I do take in, are leaving just as fast… and there is no acid buildup from eating modern foods.  Many brands of bottled water are acidic, as sold.

Indian in the machine

Ionic Foot Bath Plates  With these plates, you purchase your own battery charger, a bucket and some salt;  good for 300-400 sessions. People easily make their money back by offering affordable ionic foot bath sessions to others… I have always said, with two sets of plates, one person can make up to $80/hr, offering treatments to others.


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  1. Kamal Patel

    I’m searching for answers, guidance and understanding. I am a drug taker and when I take them I am a manipulator and take advantage and manipulateo others . But then I came across people like you who work in the sex industry and take drugs with me too. They don’t behave as I do, but there to smart for my tricks. I have always felt I was meant for something, I am afraid and confused, I have also theorised, what’s behind the machine, I wish to be an intelligent poet , I am nothing more than an in tellectual philosopher and I don’t want to waste my journey, I need to be helping you but I need you to help me first.

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