08 January 2017

Indian’s Dream: New Galactic News Network

Indian’s Dream:  New Galactic News Network

Hi earthlings~   Paying attention to what is intriguing to my heart and needed for all, is resulting in a new project, a galactic news website.  In this dream, there is a new website that will have greater influence in creating the new earth… including weekly podcasts and video, music with featured artists, Space Weather, Prime Creator Breaking News, Immortality Health Guidance, Reader Submitted Special Reports, Real History And Herstory, Spiritual Editorials, Teachings Of The Supreme Commander, Native Wisdom, Polls, and more!

Your support of this new venture, will help to make it all possible… I’m very excited to be beginning a new era in news and reporting, and with your financial and general support, and my magical powers and intuition, it’s going to have great influence in creating a new earth for the greater good for all.  I know my efforts have been integral and important to many of you, your willingness to support is good karma for everyone. 🙂

Two ways for financial support:  1.  Paypal, and 2. Bank Account (if you choose to make a direct deposit, or email interact transfer, just contact me via indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca to get required information).

Your paypal gift is appreciated, and will help to pay it forward.

In service and inspired,
Indian in the machine

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