01 January 2017

Prime Creator: Allow Your Governments And Financial Systems To Implode

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Prime Creator: Allow Your Governments And Financial Systems To Implode

1. I posted this: Must See Message From Prime Creator: Your Body Is Calibrating To New Energies, Allow Yourselves To Start Anew, I Invite You Open Your DNA, Many Are Walking Around With Locked DNA… Singing And Light Show Included!

2.  Regarding governments and financial systems, Prime Creator says:

-Prepare yourselves so that you can be in your heartspace when what appears to be chaos unfolds.

-Allow government systems to unravel, to implode… allow monetary systems to unravel, to implode… to suddenly shift…

-Release any expectations or predictions regarding Donald Trump.

-Simply send him love from your hearts, as your government unfolds and unravels.

-Your love directed towards his heart will be of great assistance to him.

-Send love to all world leaders.

-Energies will shift in 2017.

-Energies will support what you are birthing… what you are creating.

-The more you cleanse, the more support you can receive for your creations.

3.  There will be new governments and new financial systems… but before that the old has to go right?  The transition will be as smooth or as rough as we individually and collectively, are making it.

4. Imagine your situation during a financial or government implosion… then go from here…. WITH LOVE!  It can’t be stressed enough that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and nothing can match it… NOTHING… NO THING!

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