25 December 2016

Sun Is Changing Colour Again! Remember When It Went From Yellow To White? It Ain’t Done! What Colour Is The Sun Changing To?

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Sun Is Changing Colour Again! Remember When It Went From Yellow To White?  It Ain’t Done! What Colour Is The Sun Changing To?

1.  Those of us ‘older’… remember a time when the sun was much more yellow than it is today.

An Explanation for the Recent Increase in Brilliance Affecting our Sun …

What most have to realize is that the Sun internal reactions have intensified and its color haschanged from yellow to white, which has occurred over a year.

Something Is Very Wrong With The Sun | Conspiracy Theories

Sep 21, 2012 – As you can clearly see in this photo (left), the sun is white and huge. I’ve taken … TheSun has changed color(from soft yellow to Xeon white)!

Has The Sun Changed Color? – PhysForum Science, Physics and …

Jul 25, 2007 – 7 posts – ‎5 authors

Some one I know said the sun was more yellow in the 60s than it is today. … have told me that thesun has changed so that it is more white now.

2.  Sun ain’t done changing… now it is moving from white, to blue-white!

Our multidimensional, stargate, portal sun will also continue to evolve. It will become a blue white star, and; in terms of our new higher operating human functionality we will have complete self awareness & cognition, total memory recall, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience & greater natural harmony with others.


3.  As earthlings shift from homo sapien to homo christos, developing new abilities, so too is the ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM CHANGING!

The Solar System is a-Changing – Out There – Discover Magazine Blogs

Mar 31, 2016 – The closer you look at the solar system, the more you see change happening, and on all time scales. The constancy was an illusion, created by …

What climate change is happening to other planets in the solar system


Mars and Jupiter are not warming, and anyway the sun has recently been cooling slightly. … If this is happening throughout the solar system, clearly it must be the sun causing the rise in temperatures – including here on Earth. … All the outer planets have vastly longer orbital …

ASP: An Ancient Universe – Changes in the Solar System

An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time. THE CHANGINGUNIVERSE: EVOLUTION HAPPENS! Scientific observations …
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