22 December 2016

OMG! Is The Sun Is Flashing And Blinking? Cosmic Plasma Radiation Blast, Or Something, Is Captured By Webcams All Over The World

OMG! Is The Sun Is Flashing And Blinking? Cosmic Plasma Radiation Blast, Or Something, Is Captured By Webcams All Over The World

I’m not sure about the explanation of the videographer, but the video is astounding!

“Galactic Wave Is Real!” Says Dutchsinse… “Extreme Proton Wave Striking Earth Now!” Says BP Earthwatch… “OMG Boom You Gotta See This!” Says Joanne Steen

From what I am gathering… the sun and all the planets, are being bombarded by cosmic plasma radiation from the great central sun of the glaaxy and beyond (Source itself?)… we are in the midst of a great transformation of reality, and ourselves.

Important! Massive Injection Of Cosmic Plasma Radiation Bombarding Earth: Sunburns, Mysterious Flu-Like Symptoms, DNA Activation, Theta-State Spiritworld Interaction, Pineal Gland Opening, Human Super-Consciousness Trigger

You may be noticing you are more energized, or if you have a habit of burying energy, that you are going through a big purge… it’s all good, if you are choosing eternal life, if you are choosing death-like experiencies, you may be going through a slow death… better watch those thoughts eh?  Better watch those entertainment choices eh?  Better decide if you are going to serve Creator, or satan… either way Homo Sapien is dying and Homo Christos is being born… with or without you…. but since you’re here, why not go along with the ASCENSION OF ALL MULTIVERSES????

This Is The Final Generation Of Homo Sapien (Age Of Pisces), Giving Birth To Homo Christos (Age Of Aquarius)

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