21 December 2016

Who Is A Shaman?


Who Is A Shaman?

Sometimes I get the question, “have you ever worked with a shaman?”… I will press the asker, as to what do they mean by that… what sort of shaman do they speak of. Perhaps at this point I’m met with a blank stare, I’m getting the feeling people who ask don’t really know what a shaman is, or if they are even speaking to one.  I press on… a shaman is someone who communicates with the spirit world or is a host to facilitate others to the communication… and there are many languages of the spirit world, so what kind of shaman are you referring to?  Blank stares… I get the feeling some who ask this question, are asking if I have worked with someone who can facilitate a peyote experience, or maybe ayahuasca… maybe they have a few feathers… I don’t know, just searching here.  Or maybe they are referring to someone who knows about medicinal plants, but that would be a medicine man.  Maybe they think of a shaman as someone who enters a trance with drum and rattle, which can but doesn’t necessarily imply a communication.  There are many shamans among us, but we do not necessarily use the label.  Shamans can communicate with the spirit world with many languages, earth, air, fire, water, channeling, wind, clairvoyant, telepathic, clarsentient, empathic, intuition, sound healing, akashic records, syncronicities, dreams, symbols and more… however, ultimately you will not completely understand any being, at a higher spiritual awareness than you… and as well, we are all beyond labels, so if you come across a shaman, you may come across someone who may or may not use the label at all, or look, or behave in any manner you can relate to… more likely to be a student and teacher of spiritual matters, who is an enigma of sorts that is naturally drawn to healing, theta state of mind, with an open heart and a desire to be of service. Shamans may have a unique energy signature, evident in the energy field, dress, mannerisms etc.  They may have access to answers that seekers, seek… communities could evolve much more rapidly and smoothly if they were to listen to these spirit guides in human form.  If you would like an interaction with a shaman, simply ask Creator (like anything else you desire), and then pay attention to the spiritual guidance.

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