20 December 2016

True Spirit Of Christmas Revealed, Including New Teachings Of Jesus (Sananda)


True Spirit Of Christmas Revealed, Including New Teachings Of Jesus (Sananda)

TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS REVEALED~ I wish you everyday, a Christ day… this is the true spirit of Christ… Christ within isn’t something you bring out once a year, it is for all moments, experiences and intentions. May all your days, thoughts and intentions be filled with Christ. When you walk in the spirit of Christ, you are in a natural flow of gifts… gifts which come to you, and gifts which come from you. This flow is not something you need to turn on, only once a year… this flow is turned on with your inner wisdom, power and love, and it does not come from outside yourself, from some jolly fat man who judges your deeds. Do not be fooled any longer, that the spirit of Christ has to do with santa claus (satan’s claws), a sacrifice of Jesus, a black mass recreating sacrifice (eating his body and drinking his blood), or that anyone’s murder (Jesus Esu Sananda’s) for example absolves you from your sins… the spirit of Christ isn’t about your greed, materialism, junk food, meat-eating, or breaking any of the Laws of God and the Creation. Please pass this on, to open the flow of Christ within, for yourself and others to resonated with WISDOM, POWER AND LOVE (AND THE RESULTING GIFTS SHARED AND RECEIVED)… this gift is to be shared with the whole world, and sharing the true spirit of Christmas, is the true spirit of Christmas.

new teachings of Jesus Sananda

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