20 December 2016

Perhaps you feel as if nothing is right, even though nothing is wrong


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  1. katie

    Hello ‘Indian in the maschine’,

    I have just come across one of your latest articles on beforeitsnews – special message to D.T.
    The message therein has a few lines that struck me completely. I quote:

    “Some of those who wrote these documents are associated with the red, blue, yellow, white and green FLASHING COLOURED STARS THAT CAN BE SEEN IN THE NIGHT SKY. 
    May 10, 2010 – flashing red and blue object in the sky..help? hey guys, I really …. THE FLASHING RAINBOW STAR IS ASHTAR COMMAND. Perhaps you’ve …

    I am one of them, I have seen those rainbow coloured stars for so long now and thought I could not trust my eyes…now after so many years of wondering and pondering I stumble across these words. Please, I don’t know how to take this. Why is it that not everybody can see that?
    Or could they but don’t want to?
    Can you please help?
    Kind regards

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