20 December 2016

How To Be A Regular Coffee Drinker Without Rotting Your Teeth


How To Be A Regular Coffee Drinker Without Rotting Your Teeth

  1.  Coffee leeches minerals from teeth.

    The Essential Minerals | Teeccino Herbal Coffee / Coffee Alternative


    Unwittingly, people drinking a cup of coffee with their meals decrease the absorption of these essentialminerals. Caffeine and other constituents in coffee cause the body to excrete minerals in the urine, especially calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

    The Effect of Caffeine on Vitamin Absorption / Nutrition / Vitamins and …


    Caffeine may reduce the absorption of manganese, zinc and copper. It also increases the excretion of the minerals magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphate. There is also evidence that caffeine interferes with the action of vitamin A. Coffee and tea are obvious sources of caffeine.

  2.  The acidity of coffee, makes the teeth soft.

How to keep drinking coffee and prevent my teeth from getting stained …


I have no idea how I have missed this tremendous question for so long…for all the bullet points … Ironically, polyphenols due confer protection to your teeth from acids and make give coffee the complex flavors many people … I wouldn’t brush immediately after drinking coffee because your teethmay still be “soft” from the …

3.  They key to being a regular coffee drinker is to 1.  Neutralize the acidity, and 2. Put back the minerals that are leeching out from the acidity that softens the enamel.
4.  Coffee drinker’s mouthrinse:
a dash of sodium bicarbonate (to neutralize acidity)
a dash of clay (to replace the minerals)
Extra bonuses:
a slight pinch of boron (to make teeth harder, as well as bones.)
a drop of hydrogen peroxide (to make all the chemical reactions work faster)
5.  Never brush your teeth while they are soft.
6.  You can also add a bit of baking soda to coffee, but not everyone enjoys this taste.
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