18 December 2016

Reexamining Humanity’s War Against God


Tug of War with God by kevron2001

Reexamining Humanity’s War Against God

What part of man’s way, works over Creator’s way? Did man solve any problems without Creator, or simply create more? Did man alone, improve on the how the universe functions? Did man alone, teach Creator a few lessons on how to do things the right way? Did man discover more joy without Creator? Did man alone, create more harmony? Did man alone, become his brother’s keeper or his brother’s competitor? Is man healthier without Creator? How about more intelligent, powerful or wise? What does man hope to accomplish without love, that is so attractive? Although man is never alone from Creator, man surely can act like it… isn’t it time to consider if this actually has any benefit to live this way??? What kind of world can we create if our leaders or selves, are at war with Creator… is it truly anything desirable?

Indian in the machine

Prime Creator on Significance of Standing Rock, Breaking Treaties, Situation Is Not About Native Americans Against the Government, Mother Earth Is Safe and Protected

Earth 2, the Hologram Planet Some Dark Souls Are Being Removed to Is a Special Kind of Hell, Earth Is Being Restored to a Special Kind of Paradise, You May Choose to Leave Your Body Soon to Return to Your Soul Home (if You Have a Soul)

Urgent Update on “Great Event”! The Matrix Has Come Down! Expect Sudden Unexpected Newsflashes of People Leaving Earth! How Does This Affect You?

Many Humans Now Experiencing Mysterious Flu-Like Symptoms Due To Implosion Of Plasma Light Energy, AND Strange Magnetic Sickness From Nibiru! Find Out What You Can Do To Release “That Heavy Feeling”

Archangel Michael: This information should be regarded as real, not as a fanciful interest for those people with a more spiritual disposition than those who have been more successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated by the educational systems of the dark ones. ​

Humanity Confusion Brilliantly Stated: Human holds duality & conflicting beliefs. I am love but I hate/blame you. I am light but I have darkness. I am abundant but I don’t have enough. I respect you but none of us are worthy. I am responsible but it’s their fault. I am powerful but I’m waiting


THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION | Hatonn Speaks The Truth …


These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. — A. The highest command of The Law …



Jun 14, 2016 – HATONN: CHOOSING MAN’S LAWS OR GOD’S LAWS … presumptuous and disregards the Commandments and Laws of The Creation and of …



Aug 22, 2015 – In order to become a spiritually conscious co-creator with God/Aton, one must become ONE with living the cosmic laws of God/Creation.

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