10 December 2016

Prime Creator On Signifcance Of Standing Rock, Breaking Treaties, Situation Is Not About Native Americans Against The Government, Mother Earth Is Safe And Protected

Prime Creator On Signifcance Of Standing Rock, Breaking Treaties, Situation Is Not About Native Americans Against The Government, Mother Earth Is Safe And Protected

Notes on this outstanding message from Prime Creator via Susie Beiler… listen to video for full message!:

We are moving towards a peaceful resolution however…

Media and press are now in hands of common person.

This is not just about sacred tribal land, it is about Gaia.

It is about redemption, it is about how humanity has destroyed Gaia.

There is no such thing as race, you are all one, you are whole human beings. This is the timeline we are working with, to awaken humanity to the knowledge and remembering.

Some with white skin had brown skin in other incarnations… some with black skin had white skin in other incarnations, and so it is not about skin colour, heritage or race, do you not see dear ones… your lineage is the same.

This is an example of using this situation to unite.

Power of love is greater than weapons.

Power of love cannot be destroyed.

We are in the time of the great shift that each of you has been working to create.

If you are fighting with other, how to you expect to see peace across the globe?

It starts with you, and that is what this situation is to show you.

You see the water protectors, the way they carry themselves, the women of these tribes and nations, how they come with their fierce love, for protecting Gaia… can you say the same thing about yourselves dear ones?

You wonder why does the president not stop this, why are they breaking treaties… agreements?  Why are they allowing greed to destroy Gaia?  This is the pattern now being dissolved, this is not the only situation where greed has taken over, where agreements have been broken.

This situation is growing in the spotlight so that all the world can see, what it takes is the people… what it takes is you… friends you have not yet met.

Send love healing and blessings to those in these locations… where tragedy is occuring, where Gaia is being destoyed…

You dear ones are the ones with the power, you must see this… the illusion of the government having all the power, the illusion of those in high positions having all the power… the illusion that military presence has the power.

You must see through the illusion, you must dissolve any illusion with your own life… petty arguments with self and family… no longer allow these things to have power over you.

Are you unified within yourself dear ones?

Look to divine feminine, for she is holding the container of this love.

Love to sacred masculine, for he is holding the protection and the space for this container to develop.

Look to the balance of divine feminine and sacred masculine, for together in unity, there is love, there is power…

If you think this situation is about native americans and governments, not all dear ones… it goes much deeper than this…

It is about showing what is possible with the power of love.

These wounds upon Gaia, do not destroy her, Gaia is not to be destroyed, she is safe and protected, because you are with her, you are safe and protected.

Why did it not gain attention years ago? Now is the time, these events are ripe for transmutation, we are in a shift dear ones… thank you for being centred in your hearts….


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