05 December 2016

Indian’s Dinner With Alexander The Great

Sentences by Alexander the Great

Indian’s Dinner With Alexander The Great

I was visiting with two brothers, and we went out for a nice meal.  I noticed one of our brothers had a tattoo on his hand, that said, “lefty”.  Watching him eat, I noticed he was left-handed, and made a casual mention that I too was left-handed.   My other brother, said, “yes me too”… Hmmm… I thought… three left-handed brothers getting together for a meal, “what is this all about?”, getting a feeling that there was something significant going on… was it past life?  Was it nothing?  I was sure to find out.
At some point in the conversation, we were talking about past lives… and asked them if they had any past life memories.
The one sitting across from me with the tattoo “lefty”, kinda smiled, as if he wasn’t sure he wanted to share… but with a little encouragement, he did.
He said one day he was visiting with a white witch, who out of the blue said, “you used to be Alexander The Great”, which completely floored him, because he hadn’t heard of this before.  Curious though, he decided to go research who this man was, whom he knew nothing about.  Surprisingly to himself, he found himself completely engrossed in the history of Alexander The Great.  He searched the internet and approximately 66 book on the subject, from scholars and experts.  Along the way he became a bit of an expert in Alexander, himself.  He was a bit shocked, that one of the paintings of Alexander, looks very very eerily similar to what he used to look like when he was a younger man.  The said he just ‘knew’ about Alexander, and could tell which historical accounts were accurate and which ones were not… he said he had the ability to ‘read between the lines’.   He listed a few reasons why Alexander was so fascinating, which I began to get a notion of why…  from being a man of philosophy, of the arts, a man who ‘demonstrated great force’ shall we say…I was beginning to see why this man, Alexander, had the words, “the Great” included in his ‘name’.
Alexander the Great… left-handed? “kings stemming from the tribe of kings are left-handed”. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16966244
I, sitting across from our brother, who was very absorbed in this ‘great historical figure’.  As he shared details with Alexander, his eyes and overall became very focused…. intense, for sure.  “Kingly”, or something like that, came to mind.  Hmmmm…
This brother who by all accounts, had a very strong connection with Alexander, has very intense energy… kinda ‘domineering’ you could say… well, that’s putting it mildly, is constantly at war with the world, which holds many disappointments for him (and us all).  But ya know, I can easily hold my own with those forceful types, when I want to do so… mostly, it’s a mildly annoying like a fly you have to swat from your face.  No doubt about it, our brother has aggressive energy… an energy of a person,  bitter with the outside world…if he was to be observed by the spiritual realms, this man would surely stand out, being extremely competitive… even in areas which he holds no real knowledge.
Example: a lady sitting at the next table, flicked her cigarette to the curb.  Our brother got up from his chair, picked up her cigarette butt on the ground that was still lit, and walked over to the lady’s table, and put the cigarette butt out on the ashtray on her table, and then walked away.  It was a bit of a shocking gesture but he handled it a somewhat smoothly.  His eyes aflame, he said, “I hate it when people do that”.
Okay, thought me hehe… is this Alexander the Great sitting in front of me???….sure seems like it… He shared Alexander’s passion for writing, and for the arts…. including sculpture… including self-education in politics and world affairs.  During previous conversations, I was pleasantly surprised that he had knowledge of some of the same worldly subjects, that also I knew, and I knew that others did not know… Rather impressive I must say!  If someone put out a cigarette butt on the street in front of Alexander the Great, I’m sure he wouldn’t have hesitated to ‘deal with the matter’.
Stating what was becoming more obvious to me I said, “it sure seems like you have similar energy to Alexander the great”, and yea,  perhaps you were him, in a past life.”  He was kinda outwardly rejecting the notion, saying, “oh everybody thinks they’ve been royalty or someone famous in a past life”… I only perceived his statement as truth deflection, but ya know… whatever, I could see it in his eyes, that there was something “Alexander” about him.
Of course, I knew he had similar feelings, but it wasn’t something one could easily discuss… with friends, family, foe, or strangers… who would project such a theory and feel comfortable?  However,  he was dining with Indian, and I am very comfortable in such conversations.   I was monitoring my own energy… how do I feel in the energy of the kingly sorts, of which I have my own ideas about my own kingly past and future lives,  having being told I have kingly or princely energy by those who know me.  Believe it or not,  people associate me with the lion, the eagle and the deer.  I wasn’t really intimidated, but geez, that strong undertone of anger, was something I had to make adjustments to, throughout the entire conversation, taking steps to not be too confrontational… taking steps to be gentle… the gentle lion.
The other left-handed brother to the left of me, was listening quietly to the whole thing… of course everyone is quiet when “Alexander” speaks, because he’s very aggressive and controlling.    I asked the quiet brother, (intuition,  how I love thee) “hey, I’m getting the feeling you might have some sort of kingly story to share”, which kinda surprised him.  He said, “yes… but that he wasn’t willing to discuss it”.  With this brother, my spiritual bond, was much deeper, and I was very interested in his story too, but he didn’t want to share.
I could imagine that Alexander the king, who may have been considered ‘great’ would have been so in the past, because of his strong energy…  and that he applied it towards worldly matters. However in the context of having a nice meal, the forced energy dominating the conversation, doesn’t seem so great… for example, to be talking with someone who is domineering a conversation, and makes no room in the conversation for a different opinion, or truth.  However if someone needed to ‘control people, an army or country’, perhaps that attribute might actually ‘work’.
Now our brother as he told story after story about Alexander the great, was filled with the energy of the kingly Alexander and was certainly domineering the conversation, I was having a challenge making my own points, with his forceful aggression, now going aimed at me full steam.  He was having several reactions to several of my ‘conspiracy theories’, and was trying to use force to get me to shut up.  I guess he didn’t realize I’m a bit of an expert in my own right, on certain matters, and was not interested in backing down to ignorance being thrust upon the table… never have and never will.  I said to him as he angered, “you can attempt to define me a conspiracy theorist, but I only define myself thank you very much, I’m a conspiracy realist”…”you can get angry, call me names, but it’s not going to change the truth” and “just accept that someone might have a different take on reality from you… it doesn’t mean you have to discredit them, or react in anger”… well, the button was pushed!
Alexander the great got up from the table almost as if he would tip the table over and said, “I’m not going to take this!”  and left the restaurant, to great effect of course… I could feel everyone in the restaurant, watching the developing scene…. and so he left in a huff, just like a king who had no one to rule over… what else is there to do but to surrender to truth (which is love), or leave?
I reminded myself of what our brother said earlier… he said about himself, “I could not be Alexander the great, because I haven’t done anything great in this lifetime.”
The other brother said, “I’m actually glad he left, I felt you and I had much to talk about, and he was controlling the conversation”.
I thought to myself, there is a big difference between “power vs. force” and I’m getting better at holding my own power, in the presence of force.  Force, is something humanity is realizing, no longer works, and certainly as no place at all in the Golden Age.  The forceful have to leave.
You can tell the difference between “power” or “force” in self or another, by looking into the eyes.



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