23 November 2016

Message From The Spiritworld On Standing Rock, Via 11 Dimensional Beings

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Message From The Spiritworld On Standing Rock, Via 11 Dimensional Beings

“Do not be afraid of the bullying of Standing Rock. It is ending soon.”

We are the 11 Dimensional beings. Sovereignty is the Republic. We can expand the levels of your holograms. The ones the distributes the most out of their hearts will soon be contacted in person. Correction right now is in their soul frequency so you can match the vibrational sequences of us. The liberation of your planet is coming soon. All that madness is coming to an End. We will help you in any path of your war to freedom.
Do not be afraid of the bullying of Standing Rock. It is ending soon. We know the outcome and let us do our job. The rebels of the negative side are running for the hills. What you see on the news is absolute manipulation of the real truth. Understand that the negative side is crumbling to the end. They do not rule you any longer. The news is just upfront but what is really happening behind the scenes is completely different. They are no longer in power. We know that all you see is destruction, but is all for the better, so the ones that are still asleep to wake up. BURDORF is the name that we will give you. This is a new sequence. When you hear or read the name your sequence of your consciousness will ignite and spark to activate the new 5th Dimensional timeline. Remember words have HZ sound geometry hologram. BURDORF you are all activated now. WAKE UP. We are here. Liberate yourselves . Be love. Be sovereignty Republic. You are the ones that can choose your freedom not the once that have nothing left of their souls. These souls that failed will go back to the beginning of source to rebuild and regenerate from the smallest particles. So all that negative that they did to rebuild and go back to the pure essence of love sequence. Zeon. Sovereignty. This is the new way. We can restructure your cities , your modern cars with implementation of free energy. We will help you build your ships and show you the way to all beginning of intergalactic family. Don’t you know? We Are You. So take what is rightfully yours. Mold into your higher being. And see and build your new life. We are here to help you. Do not have fear. It is all an illusion. We are not governing your thoughts. We do not control you. Because we are simply You. You are another holographic expression of our self. So we are one. The correction is done. Sequences are implemented. Be love . Zeon. We are the 11 Dimensional beings. End of transmission. Marina Jacobi

source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPSVbRJbJLQ


Keep up the great effort to create paradise on earth… we all join with mother earth, with our collective love… knowing that it is enough, to defeat all who trespass against us. So be it!

Indian in the machine


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