20 November 2016

St. Germain: We’ve Already Entered Into The Age Of Aquarius (Sat Yuga)


St. Germain: We’ve Already Entered Into The Age Of Aquarius (Sat Yuga)

St. Germain, In Message To Darkside: You are not going to stage a false flag event like 9-11 or some of the earlier events that have occurred, or later events. Your next big false flag event has already been stopped and it will not happen!!!  And, of course, the World knows that that was to be the fake alien invasion.

“And, yes, you have some starcraft, but they are no match for the Ashtar Command.  So I urge you to stand down.  Come forth.  Let the Light shine fully upon you, because it will shine upon you completely in the next moment anyway!  Release yourselves from the bondage you have created which is so dark, that in its own way it has been more destructive to you than that which you have imposed upon the rest of the World.  We understand this and we have Compassion for you and loving Forgiveness, but we also will tell you, this is the Age of Aquarius!!!  We’ve already entered into it.  It is the age of Sat Yuga and you, even though you are trying to stop the progress, you are the ones who are being stopped.


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St. Germain: Age Of Aquarius Began On November 9, 2016; Hillary Clinton Robotoid, Forthcoming Disclosure Of Secret Presence Of Humans In Solar System

Satya Yuga – Wikipedia


The Satya Yuga (Devanagari: सत्य युग), also called Sat Yuga, Krta Yuga and Krita Yuga in Hinduism, is the first of the four Yugas, the “Yuga (Age or Era) of …

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