15 November 2016

Stories From The Native Elder With Violet Eyes


Stories From The Native Elder With Violet Eyes

I was walking down the street and some guy was sitting on the ground with his head down.

As I walked by, he looked up and mumbled something about spare change.

I knew what he wanted, so I gave him some.

We exchanged some talk, and I sat down for some more.

He read some poetry and it was very beautiful.

As we were talking some more, I commented on his blue eyes…

He said, they were actually violet…

Wow I thought, a native elder with violet eyes.

Based on our first exchanges, and his violet eyes, I knew his stories would be good.

I told him, I had a pretty good feeling he was a good storyteller…

He nodded in agreement

He told me a few…

One time when he was 7 and his brother was 9 years old, they decided to go fishing…

On a canoe…

On the ocean…

They packed nothing, except a tea kettle and some teabags, and their fishing supplies.

They told their mom, they would be going for three days, and she let them go…

A 14 ft canoe

On the ocean….

Well… they knew what to do and were actually eating very well… using the canoe as a cover for sleeping.

As it turns out, they ran into some homeless grown adult.. and fed him!

Another time, he says, the community was hungry and needed food.

So they prayed and asked a whale.

They were told that a whale agreed to give it’s life to them.

After that, they caught a whale.

The community used every single part, nothing went to waste.

He said everything happened first, in the spiritworld, before they caught the whale.

He said he only shares this with native people, because others don’t believe it.

I nodded… listening…

The universe is all about asking, not taking.

The universe is about ‘ask and you shall receive’… not ‘take and then take some more’.

It reminded me of what my higherself recently reminded me… to ‘ask’ more often.

Indian in the machine





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