14 November 2016

Ashtar Says11/9 Is Zeropoint! St. Germain Says Golden Age Began On 11/9!

Ashtar Says11/9 Is Zeropoint! St. Germain Says Golden Age Began On 11/9!

1.  Hierch of the Golden Age, St. Germain, says the Golden Age began on November 9, 2016!

St. Germain: Age Of Aquarius Began On November 9, 2016; Hillary Clinton Robotoid, Forthcoming Disclosure Of Secret Presence Of Humans In Solar System

2.  Ashtar says date 11-9 is Zeropoint!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

2nd Tuesday,. November 8, 2016 … For additional countries, email Fran ashtarwebmaster@msn.com … Ashtar, StGermain,Sekhmet 11-8-16 Zero Point =11-9.
3,  Porsha, says major announcements any day now:
4.  Darkness now has no support on this planet… except for imaginations!  Use yours wisely, and imagine your role in the victory of the Light!  There is a grand transformation taking place now… find out more about your personal transformation: I am the transformation I wish to be in my world, I am the transformation I wish to see in the world. I, Saint Germain, invite you to repeat these two affirmations to yourself aloud or silently until you can feel, sense or acknowledge their energy activating from within your being until you feel you embody them.

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