13 November 2016

More Confirmation Donald Trump Is St. Germain!

More Confirmation Donald Trump Is St. Germain!

Mom plays the video and the Pleiadians go into a lecture about the times we are in, and tells us there is nothing to fear. They further go onto say Donald Trump will be elected the next President of the United States” 


St. Germain


 I was shocked! I had just dreamed about Donald Trump last night. Too weird!  The video goes on to say “and do not be fooled children. He is the physical incarnation of St. Germain  of the 7th Ray and he is here to bring the age of Aquarius to America” :-O  I almost soiled my pants right there!

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  1. Kathe

    Let me assure you that Trump has NOTHING to do with Saint Germain, and would know this if you knew St. Germain who is the leader of the next two thousand year cycle.

    I know Archangel Michael and very well, and He said that Trump is not St Germain. Trump is a young soul with a severe ego complex who is not interested in helping people, only aggrandizing himself.

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