13 November 2016

A Visit From Spirit Guide In Waking State?


A Visit From Spirit Guide In Waking State? – I’ve been reading lots of Sananda’s teachings on manifestation and the creative process, and keeping a bit of a journal on ‘what makes me happy’, which was a focus on my morning meditation. Later that day, I’m at a farmer’s market, and a young lady walks directly up to me, and asks me if I wanted to participate in her new blog. I said sure… she says, I am posting answers to the question, “what makes you happy”…. okay…. stunned… so many thoughts were running through my head, like “wasn’t I just thinking about this?” lol… I said there’s much to choose from and settled on, “being myself makes me happy and being with other people who are themselves”…. she writes it down, and asks me for a picture, which I agreed… then she leaves through the crowd, and doesn’t ask anyone else…. okay… afterwards I checked the site she gave me, and it doesn’t exist…. cue the angelic music… www dot indianinthemachine dot com

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