09 November 2016

Lessons From US Election – Makku Channeled Message! Has Economic Collapse Begun? How Will It All Play Out? Human Dramas And Delusions Throughout History, Playing Out Again

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History Repeating Quotes

Lessons From US Election – Makku Channeled Message! Has Economic Collapse Begun? How Will It All Play Out? Human Dramas And Delusions Throughout History, Playing Out Again

The energy of drama fires up your love… the energy of fire is here… the fire breathing dragon… the element of fire… is here.  The love in all it’s facets and faces is fired up, the higher love, the lower love, the hatelove the lovelove, the godlove, the motherlove, everything is fired up… fire is an element of the beginning, the new birth has happened, the new thing are being fired up, the light is brighter, the darkness recedes… be that fire, accept this fire, it’s a gift of the ancients, it’s yours.. amen. – Makku

An excellent channel (thanks Makku and Max), that will resonate with many around the globe, as we make sense of our lives and planet.

According to Makku, same history is repeating itself right now… sure seems that way eh?

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

Notes from channeled message…. so worth it to listen however here are some highlights:

Has economic collapse begun?

This future is not determined, but the dominoes are ready to fall.

Collective consciousness decides if this happens.

Drama develops… similar to Atlantis… and the fall of big empires…

Humanity playing same dramas over and over, but all is different now…

You now realize how delusional everyone is.

You realize things are not going well.

You realize leadership is not all up to the task.

This is all part of the awakening (economic collapse).

No one knows how it will all go.

Look at previous collapses.

It is the same drama.

It is part of ascension, part of liberation, awakening, upliftment…

Be financially wise

Dragon awakening…

Big reptilian beast

The enlightened dinosaur

It is here to play a part of the drama

Each of you can be a hero.

Don’t trust banks they will close one day.

Cash will be used for a while, or be devalued and replaced.

At this time the world is still electronic.

Most likely collapse will not happen everywhere…

Islands of propserity and disaster.

Be prepared to move… change jobs… dirty jobs…

Fence builders always needed.

Socialize and connected to each other.

As media becomes more detached from reality… be aware.

Drama reveals level of delusion.

You cannot save the world with your will, but you can save the world with your faith.

You can offer love, and let them do their choices.

Now is one of the finest acts of the drama.

More shakings are coming.

The collective souls are making their choices.

The old humanity is separating from new humanity and they overlap, they interplay.

Umbilical cord has been cut, so you can enjoy the new vibrations, be wise in survival, but only the faith, only the guidance from above can carry you through.

Your mind is good for solving problems, but this problem is beyond mind, beyond logic.

Only the higher guidance can carry you through.

And this heros drama, only surrender to God, surrender to angelics, surrender to higher self, surrender to spirit guides… you cannot survive with just yourself, it just doesn’t work this way.

With guidance you can drop the baggage of anxiety of stress, you can breathe… you can metabolize, you can energize because you have been guided, you make your choices by surrendering, by breathing listening, and seeing inside, look inside, it is perfect time to look inside and see a new you is being born, happy birthday… congratulations, you have been born.

Indian in the machine

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