08 November 2016

The Suffering Of The Servant (Video) – Indian in the machine

The Suffering Of The Servant

You see, this is the powerful irony in the experience of life on Earth.  It brings out the courage, the conviction and the highest level of dedication to the Light when people are put in the most difficult situations.

A learned “practitioner” of self-healing will come to understand that the quickest and most direct way to heal yourself is to help others to heal from their past indiscretions. This means that, by helping to spread positive energy of Light and Love, you will generate a dynamic condition that attracts to you the very conditions or ingredients you need in order for you to create your own healing—and thus balance any indiscretions and end the cycle of karmic repetition.

While in the physical, you perceive a separation from one another, and this is for very good reason. It makes for very dynamic challenges as well as spontaneous interactions. If you have ever felt the thrilling sensation of being truly surprised, then you should see that this sensation would not be possible if it were not for the perception of individuality.



On The Last Day Of This Reality – Indian in the machine
Indian in the machine

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