05 November 2016

Nibiru Very Close To Earth


Nibiru Very Close To Earth

We are told that Niburu is very close to Earth, and that significant damage to the earth is going to result. In fact, the severe weather and Earth disruptions (volcanic and earthquakes) are attributed to Niburu.

Are the predictions correct? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

Also, Vladimir Putin is threatening nuclear war. How likely is this to happen?

Here is our answer:

Niburu, Mother Sekhmet’s ship/planet, is indeed closer to the Earth now. But this does not signal destruction for Earth or Her people.

That great goddess is here, working with her consort Alcyone, the Great Central Sun, to undo great damage that occurred eons ago, in what you might term Earth’s pre-history and early history.

And to ensure that life on the planet continues uninterrupted into the next level of evolution, which is that Ascension process that is bringing you into fifth dimensional planetary status.

You have been protected many, many times from what are termed extinction-level events, and the current era is no exception.

This is another example of a moment when you or any Light Warrior, with a vital question, can turn inward and speak with your spirit team, not only in any moment, but regularly each morning, asking for guidance, either from them or from Mother Sekhmet Herself.

The severe weather and Earth eruptions are in part the result of a dark agenda that manipulates the weather, and in part the result of the shifts and changes that the Earth Herself is traveling through now, as She throws off the toxicity of many thousands of years of abuse, both in and upon Her being.

We would ignore fear-inducing “predictions” which for one, can be disproved very, very quickly, as Time in your part of the Universe is speeding up to the point where increasingly now, clocks will become irrelevant in your day.



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