02 November 2016

You May Be Eating Food That Prevents You From Digesting It… What To Do?


You May Be Eating Food That Prevents You From Digesting It… What To Do?

Non-organic foods will be anti-biotic (against probiotic life). Imagine if your health starts with the mouth and digestive tract, the implications of eating food that kill off your symbiosis with the bacteria fungal and viral worlds.

Your allies through this are probiotic foods, sprouts, clay, fermented foods, living foods, green foods, and foods that are alkaline.

You will need to wean yourself away from starch addictions, and dead food addictions, non-organic food addictions, psychological issues associating dead poisoned foods, as comfort foods.

If you have been eating non-organic foods, you will also may be dealing with lack of minerals in the food that you thought had minerals… trust me, there are more minerals supposed to be there in the food but isn’t there, and what is left is not easily digested… so we are dealing with extreme malnutrition, even if you are overweight.  Soooo get yourself a healthy green powder full of minerals in their natural form, and go heavy, as directed from within.

You may have lived a normal food life and if so, you have been poisoned, and these words are your lifeline.

Your path to immortality exists if you want it… the solutions which are numerous and which will take your study and focus, can be found here: We Can Be Immortal Many similar postings here to get you super healthy, superfast…!


Crystals  And Health Information Centre  The new world is crystal… the new human is crystal

Angels please assist us to set us all free… aho!


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