01 November 2016

Surprise! There Is A Multiverse Circle, And We’re In It

Celebratory Circle-at-Packer-Corners (1971), by Peter Simon

Surprise! There Is A Multiverse Circle, And We’re All In It

This is the easy part… take the hand to the humans and all our relations within the circle… and feel completely at ease.

There has always been a place for each earthly creature, in nature’s circle.

There has always been a place at the circle for each pinpoint of Light… from the very dim, to the extreme bright supernova, each is made from the same Light… our soul is that Light… if viewed from a distance, the picture is not complete without are willingness to breathe together with the circle, in stillness… in beauty… the inner fountain of love has a new electrical system… our final steps in 3D, can be our best ones ever!

How do we want to walk into the circle… defeated… fearful… perhaps afraid someone is going to shoplift our belongings… or do you want to come forth beyond the last moments earth will ever be a prison planet ever again, feeling refreshed, balanced, excited, and energized by the unknown?

Once again… take the hand of the being to the left of you and to the right of you… your decision, is how you choose to feel.

The earth matrix is all but over, all that is left is the old programming, and the moments before they flick the switch on this reality and essentially turn up the lights.

The Golden Age is here… the more you believe it, the more you will experience it.

Release the tendency to not want to stand in the circle because you don’t see it first before you believe it.  Indian in the machine

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