31 October 2016

Another Avatar Moment At Standing Rock, Golden Eagle Lands For An Hour, Natives Gathered Around It And Were Able To Touch It

Another Avatar moment at Standing Rock. This is a Golden Eagle that landed for about an hour. Natives gathered around it and were able to touch it.Scott Bunn

Many people will undoubtedly feel this is a sign from Creator… a sign from mother earth, a show of strength and unity with the inherent wisdom in nature.

more avatar moments:

Standing Rock “Goes Back To Concentration Camp Days” As 141 Unarmed Protesters Arrested And Locked In Dog Kennels, For Protecting Mother Earth And Water

Standing Rock Confirmed Military Action On Reservation Land: Armoured Vehicles, Shotguns, Sound Cannons, Helicopters… Against Those Who Protect Water And Mother Earth! 

And of course… OUR HEARTS IN ACTION!


Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

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