25 October 2016

Did You NESARA Today Dear Ones? Did you GESARA Today?


Did You NESARA Today Dear Ones? Did you GESARA Today?


Either you want to live lovingly in a free world, or you want to complain in an enslaved world…did you Nesara today?

NESARA… AND GESARA are bigger than many comprehend…

Third Grand Experiment Ends With World Population Becoming Rich (NESARA/GESARA), And Nibiru Witnessed By Masses In December! Golden Age Created Now By Lightworkers!

Antikryon: “Bubble About To Burst Wide Open” RV On Schedule, New Republic Prime And Ready, Nesara And Gesara Are Scheduled As Well, Cabal Network Dismantled

Archangel Michael Newsletter With St. Germain On Coming Worldwide Events, Including World Financial Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Cabal Arrests, Ascension and more!

St. Germain Aligns With Chinese White Dragon Society To Introduce Nesara/Gesara To The World

Archangel Michael: Important Update on NESARA Announcement, and the Truth of How “Big” it Truly Is

Did you participate in bringing about one of the major events, leading up to all that love we collectively are, and can create

If so then congratulations, for progress is being made.

If not then… er… yeah… um… slavery eh… is getting tiring and cumbersome to say the least…

Energy Update: Core Wounds Coming To Surface, Mission Procrastination, Soul Family Reunions, Learning To Receive, Brain Fog, Time Glitches 

You Pursue Happiness And Are Miserable…15 Things You Need To Give Up To Be Happy

Nesara represents the changes in environment, business, arts, planetary cleanup, everything between here and a new world of crystal and new light.

Do you know how to bring in new light and ground it?

Are you willing to put energy into Nesara… everyday… you can Nesara…

I encourage you to Nesara, until Nesara comes about.

Humans are going to greatly benefit, if we can Nesara ourselves and our lives.

Let us look forward to these moments, where we can help Nesara the world, and bring the peace to it, that we are all longing for so very very much.

Our lives represent such an incredible opportunity, that it is challenging to comprehend…

The Greatest Opportunity Ever! Earth~ Aria~ Golden Age~ Crystal Earth~ Centre Of The Multiverse~ And Us~


If you remain in your body, and want to expand in love, with the multiverse, you can achieve immortality in this body… the money… la la la, isn’t such a big deal to a powerful immortal creator loving in spirit and presence.

It is time to tap out of patterns of illness, and sing your soul song… humanity too has a soul song, let us sing it… and feel the effect.

You argue about Trump or Hillary… and yet…there are two united states… yes two, do you know which election is the fake one, and which one is the real one?  Don’t get caught in a fake fight… get caught in our real lives where we take control of them, and make the entire world great again.

Big choices are upon us… either you want to live lovingly in a free world, or you want to complain in an enslaved world.

If you want more 3D experiences, you will go to the hologram if you remain in your body.

Sananda Confirms 2nd Earth Theory, For Continued 3D Experiences For Those Who Want Them



Oh… I have seen 4th density in this lifetime… if you miss out on this grand opportunity… you miss out on things you cannot even comprehend… how is that a fair trade?

How can you claim arguing about a fake illusion, is better than nesara-ing today?


Indian in the machine


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