20 October 2016

I Am Here To Serve

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I am here to serve as a world server. What does it cost? Nothing. Is it free? No. What can we exchange? Whatever we feel is appropriate. Have I saved many lives? Yes! I have I helped you with your karma? Yes Am I trying to be famous? No. I have led many to Creator? Yes I am judged for not being superficial? Yes Do I crave human trappings of success? No. Have I inherited the earth? Yes. Do I help those who hate and fear? Yes Am I a friend of Jesus? Yes. Am I scared to share God’s messages? No Am I an ‘alpha male’? No. Do I lead the way? Yes. Am I awake? Mostly Do I get angry? Yes Do I have great love? Yes Am I known throughout the universe for my love? Yes. Am I inspired by Creator? Yes Can you hear Creator in my voice? Yes Does the spirit world have a great interest in my mission? Yes Have I laboured in vain for nothing? No Have I been given visions of how to create heaven on earth? Yes Am I immortal now? No Am I as powerful as an army? Yes Is this power regularly demonstrated faithfully and true? Yes Am I a humble man? Yes Indian in the machine


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