16 October 2016

How Did She Get The Healthiest Blood? No Inflammation, No Cancer, No Candida… Same Way People Have Done It For Ages!

How Did She Get The Healthiest Blood? No Inflammation, No Cancer, No Candida… Same Way People Have Done It For Ages!

I saw this…. and am astounded!

“Yes, I’m still taking 6-8 tablespoons mixed with purified water daily. I feel great, lost 4 more pounds. I went to a Naturopathic (natural healer) and she did blood work. She told me she has not seen healthier blood. No candida, no inflammation, no cancer. Nothing. I take NO prescription meds. My doctor recommended a heart scan since I have heart disease in my family. My mom dad and grandmother all had heart disease. I am 63. I have NO blockage. None!!! My score was zero…. Two years ago I was on 8 medications. I’m just saying the clay worked for me.. A great book to read is Unique Healing by Donna Pessin. I think she has a great program.”


Native americans would carry around balls of clay that they would add to their drinking water and food…this would help with the parasite situation… nifty and easy! Imagine how much sickness has happened, just because people don’t do this anymore… and how ‘modern western culture’ doctors have not learned the lessons of the ancestors, and thus, creating a ‘healthy economy based on sickness’.

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Indian in the machine

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