14 October 2016

Humanity Now In,”Perfect Energetic Storm” At The End Of The Age Of Kali: Anger, Resentment, Distraction, Frustration And Exasperation Are Commonplace: Guidance, Insights And A Helping Hand For Those Who Desire To Soulfully Live In The Golden Age!

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Humanity Now In,”Perfect Energetic Storm” At The End Of The Age Of Kali: Anger, Resentment, Distraction, Frustration And Exasperation Are Commonplace: Guidance, Insights And A Helping Hand For Those Who Desire To Soulfully Live In The Golden Age!

1. It is going to be like this for a while… intense energies… however, we can learn to navigate them and evolve…

THE PERFECT ENERGETIC STORM: All of you have noticed the anger and resentment, the frustration and exasperation, of a planet gone mad from emotional imbalance, lack of rationality and the force of the unclear mind. You are asking yourselves and those around you “Where is the sanity? What are we doing as a collective? Why are we settling for more status quo, mediocrity and empty non-sensical explanations?” These are the thoughts that flood our awareness, not only yours! It resembles, indeed, the perfect energetic storm.

2.  Do live in distraction from what is occurring in the present.

Very important now… do not let yourself be distracted from what is required here… attention, focus, and turning your lessons into blessings.  You might want to break away any energy of warring with another lifeform, on any level.  War has no use or place, in where earth is heading.

A culture of distraction will always forever be, at war with itself, and will think it is winning.

3. On top of what is happening now… you will have even more energy to deal with, in the near future… soooooo…

Earthlings, Prepare Your Body For Electrical Surges From Three Sources: 1. Photon Belt, 2. Solar Surges, 3. Magnetic Disturbance From Nibiru

4.  Obviously, you can’t know these things…. and not take the purity of your human form, seriously… with fun… look at the two energy fields in this picture… which one do you want?  Hey it’s never too late to make progress, otherwise, why would you be reading these words?

Human Body Is Electrical, With Potential For Either Charge (Compression) Or Discharge (Expansion)… Cure Illness, Disease And Cancer With This Knowledge, Forever!

5.  Coming Out Of The Age Of Kali: Now, I am not not writing these words with fear okay… concern, yes… concern, because I can see the world struggling… and it need not happen… it is true, we are coming out of the age of Kali

6. What does the age of Kali sound like?

Phoenix Jouranl 102

214 Pages (115)

Download – 10.8 MB
View PDF File – 12.6 MB

7. Are you living or dying in the Age Of Kali? Important read… don’t miss!

Phoenix Jouranl 101

Breathing Dead And Cement Children…. read page 13+


8.  You create a living electrical body via compression (and negative ions)… learn more!


Human Body Is Electrical, With Potential For Either Charge (Compression) Or Discharge (Expansion)… Cure Illness, Disease And Cancer With This Knowledge, Forever!

Other creatures do not need doctor’s offices… endless books… pills… prescriptions… sickcare funding etc… to be healthy… why do humans? It is because many do not have this simple to comprehend, information:

ET Commander Hatonn Says We Are Electric-Based Beings

Life deeply desires to live, but has to work hard to keep sufficiently “charged” to maintain life, while death can fulfill its desire to die without any effort whatsoever.  That, in itself, should tell you what lies before YOU if you “just continue” to “be” in the acceptance of anything and everything as you wash about on the winds of whatever comes.  To “charge” a body with life takes time and much effort, but a discharge can be timeless and without effort.  The flash of a short circuit is not only a good example of this fact but is a full demonstration of its PROOF.  You are but “electric”-based beings.

recommended source: http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spiritual/specific_channelings/creator_source/hatonn_-_aton/news.php?q=1342887513


We Are Electric Beings That Ground To Mother Earth, Absorbing Negative Ions Through The Feet


When our bodies do not absorb enough negative ions, it can throw off our balance.  Toxins can build up in the feet, and throw off the rest of the body.

3.  If You Have Toxic Build Up, You Have Electrical Resistance

Not all of us have been aware of this information, and have toxic build up over decades of an imbalance, that saw toxins go in, and not enough go out.

The more heavy metals in the body, the more electrical resistance.  What this means is that your true wattage is on dim, if you have heavy metals block electrical energy that wants to surge throughout your body, but it can’t because the metals are blocking things.

Imagine Entire Life Until Now, Has Been Lived With Your Light’s Dimmer Switch On Low

Imagine living life… your entire life… with the dimmer switch on low… and not being aware of it… cause artificial environments, toxicity and lifestyle choices!  Whoa… are the Lights going off yet, because if they are… we are hitting the jackpot!

Now imagine that you can and will do something about this right now.

-Walk barefood

-Walk in a thunderstorm

-Balance your pH

-Be hydrated

-Wear natural materials

-Live in a natural environment

-Spend more time in nature

-Breathe in air off the oceans, seas and lakes.

-Exercise burns up acidity.

-Supplement with negatively charged minerals like: sulfur, boron, and silica.

-********Stop eating commercially grown monocultured foods….!!!!!!!********

Negative charged minerals are deficient in monoculture foods grown in depleted soil.

Foods that are commercially grown in monoculture factory money oriented type of environments, are usually deficient in negatively charged minerals because they have took too much from the soil, heavily growing… and not properly conditioning the soil to resemble any sorta natural soil.

Life takes effort (compression)… death doesn’t (expansion)!

Hey just remember these words.. life takes effort… death doesn’t… look at your life… is there effort in there somewhere… if not, then you are walking in the direction of death…

Hatonn says: “You have a couple of things to consider in physics as a realization.  The great and simple basic fact is that all”death” is caused by expansion, and all life is caused basically by compression. Is this a “far-out” possibility?  No. ”   http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spiritual/specific_channelings/creator_source/hatonn_-_aton/news.php?q=1342887513

Manage your ionic intake… and you can thrive! For real this time… no gimmicks!

Life is meant to be an adventure best lived with healthy fuel in a slightly alkaline body.

Imagine a whole new lifestyle geared towards negative ions, and you can perhaps now see, that with simple management of one’s ionic balance, one can reverse adverse affects of mismanagement, or even non-management, that we can now see, will result in a lessons of illness, disease and even cancer.

Trust that you can and are managing your body towards the fullest health possible, and so shall it be!

Humanity Coming Out The Age Of Kali, And Into The Golden Age

The energies sure are intense eh?

Well, we are in a time of great chaos….

What to do?

Similar to a car that requires maintenance during an important journey, so too do humans… and that’s what is required now, is our attention and focus, to clear whatever comes up for us.

What not to do?

Do this without harming yourself or others… or controlling or disrespecting another….

If you are acting like “the third dimension’… ya know… little or no relationship with your Creator, all that is required, is an entire attitude adjustment on any aspect of your life, that is out of steps with Creator.

Is it worth it?

Of course it is!  As you connect with your soul, you connect with Creator.

But I’m tired…

Of course you are, if you have been living out of balance with the universe… that is natural… trust that your energy will come back, as you rebuild yourself to be in balance with the universe. A life in harmony, is a life that doesn’t not compete, using force.  Trust that you know what feels good to your soul, do not be the self, that rejects the soul, for that is hell on earth… trust that heaven on earth is something that you can focus on, if you really want to.

Ask for help…. as much as you like!

Ask whatever is burdening you, and say to them, “I require your wisdom on this issue! Send me your higher guidance, in ways I will feel and know are real. Make it clear to me! 

“If I don’t hear your words inwardly, then speak in outer ways, with outer signs and symbols. And send me the energy of your guidance, so that your thoughts and solutions become my thoughts and solutions.

“However you make the answer clear to me, speak it now! I give thanks.”

Understand that you do not “work for” some great authority in the sky—not us, not your soul family, nor Creator God/Goddess.

You are here to realize your own Divinity, your own Light, and your own path of Truth.

source http://www.lovehaswon.org/ascension-spirituality/message-to-lightworkers-october-13th-2016

Phoenix Jouranl 130
Download – 12.4 MB
View PDF File – 14.4 MB
By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
236 Pages (131)
“This message journal is going to be printed in its most reasonable format for it must reach as many as will hear and see. You think that your diet-mongers, your `shape-you’ directors and your `food expert’ teachers are showing you the way. NO, they are NOT. You are becoming a planet of insane and deficient humanity. You have even crippled the very animal and plant life upon your place. IT IS ALL A PART OF THE NOW FULFILLMENT OF THE `PLAN’. YOU ARE DYING AND BECOMING TOTALLY INFIRM BY MALNUTRITION. IN THE `REAL WORLD’ YOU CAN’T EVEN OBTAIN THAT WHICH YOU NEED AS THE PLAN HAS WORKED ITS MISERY SO WELL.

“Since the most of this journal will be about beriberi and the various deficiencies of food as tampered with, we will give you a definition as presented to us. BERIBERI: Caused by a deficiency in vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) and other vitamins, and is found in areas where the diet consists primarily of polished rice, white flour, and other nonvitamin-bearing food. Increased need for vitamin B1; fever, high carbohydrate intake, or alcoholism may lead to deficiency.”” –HATONN

Some of the important topics discussed are: INCARCERATION AND SPACE SHUTTLE’S ROLE AS EFFECTIVE PARASITE-SPREADING TOOLS—The Talmud Unmasked—Tracking Down The Killer—the Bible War Program In Action—Gaiandriana And Spelt Are God’s Gifts To You.—Hydrogen Peroxide Usage For Health—How To build Up Body Defenses Against Diseases—“Blue Beam Postponed Temporarily—The Messiah Of 1665—ROME WAS DESTROYED BY THE JEWS—Food Secrets And Other War Fronts—Antibiotics Won’t Work—What Should We be Taking? By Sandra Tulanian, D.C. – Change diet for health – Demineralized bread as war against you.

The idea of becoming pure, is about removing resistance to the new and ever increasing Light… the same Light that is throwing many off their game, is also that same Light that you can ride into the Golden Age…. same Light… the only difference is if you are able to respond to the environment, or be destablized by it. Do not fret if you feel you are trapped in a hopeless situation… you are not… just be willing to do the inner work on self… do it… do not delay one moment longer, “Dear spirit guides, please help me to connect with my higher self… and guide me to deepen my connection to Creator’s Divine Plan, which I am eager to learn more about… I whole heartedly support the grand ascension of All Beings, who are now watching earthlings, shocked by our fall from grace, and supporting our rise into full consciousness…so be it!”


Indian in the machine  (Like Hatonn says we are electrical beings… I have been selling ionic foot bath plates online for over 10 years to Canada and US… which is highly useful if you are needing a boost to your ionic situation… especially if you live in an artificial environment, a toxic environment, and are eating acidic monocultured foods… if you suffer from decades of diseases of acidity and toxicity… this may certainly be a “positive” boost to your situation.)  http://www.indianinthemachine.com/2014/08/08/safely-detox-with-ionic-foot-bath-plates/


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