04 October 2016

Earth And Mankind Shift To 4th Density By February 13, 2017… A Physical Shift Finally! Lightbearers Rising, And Establishment Fading Away Like A Phantom Ghost

Earth And Mankind Shift To 4th Density By February 13, 2017… A Physical Shift Finally! Lightbearers Rising, And Establishment Fading Away Like A Phantom Ghost

Well…. is it love or fear?  The choice will be final by this date… no foolin’… no pretending… no appeals… and no use of force will alter your destiny based on your chosen resonance.

The word density is used to denote a physical shift… it is said that many humans are already in the fifth dimension, which denotes consciousness of the spiritual.  The galactics have been holding back on the shift to 4th density to allow more souls to ‘graduate’… unfortunately this has also had the consequence, of people thinking that delays will continue and continue… read on, and see if you are willing to take a chance on your own soul, or if you prefer to be controlled by others… btw, those ‘others’ will not be here, and neither will you, if you choose anything but love, because that whole control thing represents the BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID of the Mystical Body Of God, which is dropping out… fading away… like a ghost!   Indian in the machine

Lord El Morya, ATF André, Conversation on Shift to 4th Density – October-03-2016

by Christine Preston

André: February, 13, 2017 is the date when the world will properly be in 4th density. It means that there will be changes resulting from a separation as the laggards will drop out. They are the bottom part of the pyramid of control. The Establishment thinks they are at the top of a pyramid of control as they lead the evil agenda and think they know more than the masses of people, but in reality, they stand below a pyramid that is the symbolic representation of the Mystical Body of God on Earth. The Lightbearers’ kingdom will pass into higher consciousness as they are rising their vibration and that other world of darkness is beginning to fade away like a phantom that the Violet Flame consumes, as it does consume darkness as well as its causes, records, and memory. There is a moment at which a separation is to be made. Earth and mankind are progressing into 4th density. It is from a point of view of physicality. The Laws applying to this dimension, the level at which your physical structure now stands – as you have crossed the frontier between the third and fourth density from a physical point of view – will be different. Mankind will be taught how to use the Light of God in a more positive manner. So these laws are not applicable right now as mankind stands unprepared, but look forward to February 13, 2017 for some activation in your magical properties.
We are keeping you safe and secure in the Ascended Master Light, André.

source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0gQBzABIgE&spfreload=10 


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