29 September 2016

Third Grand Experiment Ends With Population Becoming Rich (NESARA/GESARA), And Nibiru Witnessed By Masses In December! Golden Age Created Now By Lightworkers!

Third Grand Experiment Ends With Population Becoming Rich (NESARA/GESARA), And Nibiru Witnessed By Masses In December! Golden Age Created Now By Lightworkers!

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Third Grand Experiment… Entering The Final Episodes Of This Grand Play, Coming To A Close!

Your money and health concerns are soon on forever…

The energy is now rising higher than ever, and will rise even more…

The energy is now bringing all your blockages, from many lifetimes, to the surface…

The same is now true for everyone…

The purpose of this, is so that you can harmonize with the idea that your money and health concerns are soon over.

If you believe it you will see it… never the other way around.

If you believe your money and health concerns are over, they shall be… this is a matrix.

Our matrix is soon getting an upgrade.

We must upgrade limited values, attitudes and beliefs, because we are tired.

We are tired of this world… and so we must upgrade our operating system, to the cosmos.

Just like technology goes out of date, so too can values, attitudes and beliefs, that we thought would make us happy but instead it has had a depressive effect.

One of the outdated value systems, is to IGNORE the rest of the universe…. oh humanity has paid a dear price to hold on to this value system…

It is obvious if you are paying attention that is, that the much of the universe, is now highly focused on earth.

And yet we IGNORE them.

They appear in our sky, and humanity INGORES.

They float about the international space station, and humanity IGNORES.

Realistically… how we be the smartest things going, when we IGNORE the rest of Creation?

If you live your life, with your repetitive lifesyle, IGNORING the rest of other of lifeforms, except the ones you eat and know… you must shed this false value system, to survive and thrive… this is one of the main reasons why you do suffer on any level.. it is because you are choosing a value system that provides you with constant lessons, instead of constant blessings.

Cultures not based on Creator, will provide you with constant lessons.

Universal attitudes based on wisdom, power and love, will provide you with constant blessings.

These constant blessings are everflowing financial abundance, and immortality.

Oh you think I float away here… tripping on my peace pipe?

All aspects of third dimensional life are coming to a close.

There is actually nothing here you can cling to, that will change this.

You cannot even hold on to your things, if you choose them over your soul if you want to.

To go through the golden gates of heaven inside, you must ignite the wisdom, power and love.

You must with no exceptions… life wisely, powerfully and full of love…

Your keys to abundance, and immortality have just been handed over to you… however, it is you that must take the keys… apply them, and earn you way, via your own fire and water.

You must transmute by fire.

You must have a Christ (wisdom, power and love) conscious relationship with the water.

Please spend a few moments here, and imagine the fire inside your heart, igniting with wisdom, power and love… and then imagine your fire, is joining in with all other fires now lit, that are leading the way for humanity, to perpetual abundance and immortality.

You don’t have to die this time, unless you want to… you are now being told how you’ve been poisoned, and how to prepare your physical vessel:

Illuminati Food Strategies To Keep A Good Slave Down, Revealed… Why Modern Food Makes Us Ill? 

You can live forever this time, if you want to.

There is a new financial system coming… if only you would support it, it would come faster…

If you are good at pretending to care, when you don’t… you do not fool anyone, and will not enter the kingdom of heaven, of which your caring love, is an essential component, next to your wisdom and power.

When the inner fires burn brightly, nothing can extinguish it… feel these thoughts, and feel the need and power to self-activate… MOVE NEW ENERGY WITH DIVINE GUIDANCE.

The power of spiritual music is to connect you to your soul… the power of unspiritual music is to disconnect you… look at your  music choices, news choices, false religions, and false idols… and reflect, are you being programmed by heaven or hell, and by yourself or someone else?

Place your hand on heart, to know if these or anyone else’s words are truth, thanks for your role in the Third Grand Experiment… you adventurous souls!

NESARA/GESARA – United States, and World Economic Reform

Antikryon: “Bubble About To Burst Wide Open” RV On Schedule, New Republic Prime And Ready, Nesara And Gesara Are Scheduled As Well, Cabal Network Dismantled

Headline We Have Been Waiting For! The Dark Has Been Neutralized… The Light Has Triumphed, Nesara Republic to Be Declared by Interim President (of US Republic) Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Ashtar: “Nesara Is Our Mission” and Opens Door for Coming Announcements and Disclosure

Exceptional News Update! Forces Of Light Moving Against Government Structure, NESARA Moving Fowards, Major Shift Coming, Meeting Brothers And Sisters From Inner Earth Soon, New Mentors Coming From Ships And Inner Earth

Are World Currency Revaluations, Nesara, New Republic Of the United States, Truth? *Emailed to Operation Disclosure* New Republic Of The United States President Paul Ryan Primetime Address Happening Shortly, Military On High Alert, New Gold-Backed United States Notes

Archangel Michael Newsletter With St. Germain On Coming Worldwide Events, Including World Financial Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Cabal Arrests, Ascension and more! 

Ashtar: Obama Will Announce NESARA, Galactics Neutralize North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities

Entire World Population To Be Rich! NESARA Finalizes End Of Wall Street! Dark Hats Will Answer For All Their Deeds

Nibiru In The Sky Witnessed By The Masses In December?

Nibiru Inhabitants Deliver Message! Giant Red Planetary System Approaching Earth For Passby, And Will Not Bring Destruction This Time

Archangel Michael Nibiru Update! Nibiru Path Corrected… Celestial Object Will Not Hit Earth, But Will Seem To Be Heading To Earth At The End Of This Year… It Will Passby, And Will Not Cause Any Damage

Earth will continue on as fifth dimensional planet… souls that do not get along with others, are leaving…

Andromedans: New Earth Approaching Fast… Many Will Be Leaving! 

Golden Age…

Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light: September Third Wave of Ascension Update Beginning September 26 2016, Lasting Several Weeks… Then… The End of This Reality and Beginning of Golden Age!!!

Humanity Goes From Illuminati-Slaves To Golden Age 1. New Financial System, 2. Mass Spaceship Decloaking 3. Earth Will Shake Like Never Before, 4. Everything Falls Apart, 5. Great Exodus, 6. Rebirthing In Nature, 7. Golden Age 

Zetas: After Poleshift. Canada Will Eventually Be Tropical Paradise, However Canadians Unprepared For Lowland Flooding, And Polar Ice Melting From New Equator Sunshine 

As Rome Burns, Spiritual Teachings Flood The Net! Remember, Spiritual=Cause, Physical=Effect

Commandress Athena Of Ashtar Command: Terra In Deep Pain, Create Local Light Cells Connected To Earth Grid, In Preparation For The Event

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