29 September 2016

Breaking! Hollow Earth Residents Eager To Meet Surface Earthlings… Prime Creator Provides Energy Update

Breaking! Hollow Earth Residents Eager To Meet Surface Earthlings, Physical Bodies Transforming, Visitors From Multiverse, Government Puppets Falling Apart, Leaders Of The Light Are Strong… Prime Creator Provides Energy Update

Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona Arizona, Part 42

My notes on the latest channeling from Susie and PC. 🙂

Hollow earth family are eager to meet us… and so ready to join with us.

They wish to be seen by your physical eyes.

They wish to have a more tangible experience of them.

They wish to show us their realms, to see what they have prepared for us.

Timeline depends on our willingness… to open our hearts to these beings.

There are countless lightbeings that have been offering their energies, support and love.

They are cheering for us, encouraging us, giving us codes of stamina and endurance.

Lightbeings… archangels, star brothers and sisters and many more… that have not been named, working with us on many levels, for the what is to come to our planet.

For those who are open, what is about to unfold is what you are waiting for, and what you are creating.

Physical bodies are preparing to transform, to heal and to move in higher dimensions in the physical body… some are adapting for new realms, some are adapting for new earth.

Timeline for light becoming more solid.

This shift is up to us, it is not up to Lightbeings, star beings, or heavens.. it is up to Lightworkers who have taken human form, to create the shift…

In past year, many of us have transformed quite dramatically.

For those experiencing strong emotions… this is a cleansing of our systems… if you resist, this will become more dramatic… we are invited to release all density to the best of our ability.


Indian in the machine


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