28 September 2016

Illuminati Food Strategies To Keep A Good Slave, Down… Why Modern Food Makes Us Ill?

Illustration: Kristian Hammerstad. Kindergarten Obesity:

Illuminati Food Strategies To Keep A Good Slave, Down… Why Modern Food Makes Us Ill?

This is easy to figure out, once you have eyes to see!  If this information is shared and integrated into wisdom, we all do not have to watch each other get sick and die… many people die from the toxicity and malnutrition combo… many in developed worlds, are starving and do not know it, because they crave large amounts of food, that are essentially void of what their bodies are asking for… thus, and so the hamster wheel continues, until you have the eyes to see.

  1. Improper Soil Regeneration – Mass-produced commercial monoculture foods (MCM), are produced by growing the same thing, every year, in the same soil, without proper soil regeneration. Minerals that become low in this case, are those not put back… which tend to be the ones that our body needs to .
  2. Missing Nutrients That Help Absorb Food – MCM foods that are grown in depleted soil, are often lacking in the following minerals:  Boron, Silica, Sulfur, and Iodine, and all trace minerals. These are negatively-charged alkalizing minerals!!! Negatively-charged minerals we are getting too much of include fluorine and bromine. Positively charged mineral not put back like Zinc…. and we are getting too much Aluminum, and many others! 
  3. Healthy Microbes Are Missing – On top of all the other matters, with the herbicides and pesticides grown, they are both anti-bacterial, and kill off all your healthy gut bacterial… thus making it challenging to absorb what little nutrition is even there…
  4. Animals Diet Missing Proper Nutritents, And Are Fed Grain Instead Of Grass – Cows and chicken that are fed grain instead of grass, are inflammed… did you think that this inflammation is not passed down to you?
  5. Non-Fermented Food Nutrients Missing – Modern foods are generally not fermented, and butter from cows that eat grain, are deficient in Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient
  6. Grains That Are Not Pre-soaked Have Harmful Acids –  Basically wheat and corn and other grains, are not good for human health, in their non-soaked non-fermented states… causing all sorts of health issues… many… numerous! You do realize this may include every bread and commercial cereal ever eaten since birth?
  7. Poor Beverage Choices – … acidic… coffee…  black and green tea… sugary empty beverages etc… all provide the proper solution, to see that even less nutrients are digested.  These drinks are essentially dead, because there is no life in them.
  8. Modern Food Is ‘Feminizing’ – Yeah in order to keep a good man and woman down, they had to feminize the food… that’s right… low zinc… low boron… low sulfur… low vitamin A and D… all have a feminizing effect… did you know anytime your food comes into contact with unnatural plastics and coatings, it can have this effect?  Have you ever had a piece of cheese that did NOT come in plastic? Lucky you!

All the above, and more, is why many people who eat lots of food, die of acidity and malnutrition, and do not know it…

I hope it is now very clear, as to why people who eat lots of mass-produced monocultured foods, many be starving and dying early… or living with low vitality, energy, bad moods, depression etc… all these may be aspects of a lifestyle based on dying, instead of living… hey, that isn’t a lifestyle, at all, it is a deathstyle.

Why is this systematically done on purpose? There is more than just simple ignorance at work here… it is satan’s little helpers at play… they have taken ahold of many aspects of our lives to mess us up… and now with our developing wisdom, we are taking back our lives, with a ‘no thank you’… why do they do this? They do it, because unless you have a good relationship with Creator, you are going to be needy, weak and will need to use others to prop up the lack of Light in their energy field…. same goes for us all… watch for those with low vitality and how they come up with all sorts of ways to use another creature, for their own benefit.

Those with high vitality, have a twinkle in their eyes and energy field, also have good nutrition… and their food is blessed with their will to live, love and prosper (freedom)… rather than to just survive (slavery).

We are going to live  forever in these bodies this time, if we want to!  Essential, is that we hold the vision of a healthy food supply for ourselves and the world… including all creatures… don’t expect health, without harmony… do not expect harmony unless you can bless all our relations.

How Can a Healthy Aura Contribute to Your Successful Life?

Indian in the machine  (Ionic foot baths are useful for adding in the negative charge, to help alkalize your body… this is especially useful if you live and/or work in artificial environments, eating acidic mass-produced cook foods, your health will definitely not be optimal.  I have been selling ionic foot bath plates for over 10 years online to US and Cananda… there are many god reasons for that. 🙂


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