26 September 2016

September 26-29 Third Wave Of Ascension Portal Opens, And Closes In December, Then The Third Grand Experiment Comes To Close… Forever!

September 26-29 Third Wave Of Ascension Portal Opens, And Closes In December, Then The Third Grand Experiment Comes To Close… Forever!

What Is The Third Grand Experiment

Third Grand Experiment Details Revealed… Surprise, It Is A Matrix! We Are Actors In A Reality Show Of Epic Proportions, On Densest Planet In This Universe, Broadcast To The Multidimensional Multiverse … Are We All Famous? Who Is The Audience? What Are Aspects Of The Final Episodes?

Three waves of awakening… within the Third Grand Experiment

3rd Ascension Wave Opens September 26th-29th Says Inner Earth Spokesman, Adama

Archangel Michael: Fabric of Reality Shift to Occur, During Third and Final Wave of Ascension! Most Powerful Dimensional Shift Humanity Has Ever Experienced!

After the third wave is done in september… IT IS DONE!

Andromedans: New Earth Approaching Fast… Many Will Be Leaving! 

Ascension Timeline! By End Of 2016 New Earth Will Be Fully Established, As Nibiru Passes By… 3D Matrix Ending With Last Wave Of Ascension… 

There is an opportunity here that few comprehend… that is their problem, if they will not educate themselves:

Arcturians: Last Wave Is Coming Soon to Your Timeline… Warning to Humanity That Gaia Is Choosing to Catch That Last Wave

Many are not ready!

Archangel Michael: Final Messages to Humanity! You Are Not Ready Dear Humans!

Archangel Michael: Extreme Forces of Light Overtake the Dark Matrix… You Must Wake Up Fully and Quickly Now! Dimensional Slippage Underway… No Turning Back to Old Reality

This is not something I am making up…. this is the story that the entire universe is trying to convey to us…

Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light: September Third Wave of Ascension Update Beginning September 26 2016, Lasting Several Weeks… Then… The End of This Reality and Beginning of Golden Age!!!

Indian in the machine

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