25 September 2016

When All Else Fails, Turn To Love


When All Else Fails, Turn To Love… love fills the heart to fullness and then some,… it is more than a feeling, it is the essence of Divine presence… with love, the body is full of soul… the mind steps aside bowing with respect and silence… emotion explodes like a starburst… a perpetual supernova… it not only moves mountains, it creates multidimensional universes… with love, there is a reverence and acknowledgement for what cannot be explained, captured, or controlled by any human construct… it is the Christ consciousness of Creator, shared freely… a flame that cannot be extinguished, it is everywhere, for it is the basis for all that exists, even when we forget, even when we turn away from love, it can not be destroyed… when all else fails… turn to the greatest gift available for all, for eternity… turn to love. www dot indianinthemachine dot com


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