23 September 2016

Highest Recommended Reading, “The New Messenger”! After “Jesus” Comes Another! “For who knows a Messenger from God at the time of Revelation?”

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Highest Recommended Reading, “The New Messenger”! After “Jesus” Comes Another! “For who knows a Messenger from God at the time of Revelation?”

Indian in the machine:  This book blows me away at every chapter… and those who know me well, will know exactly why. 🙂

By the way, the info in this book matches up with:

The Final Prophet – The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

More info:

Last prophet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The last prophet, or final prophet, is a term used in religious contexts to refer to the last person through whom God speaks, after which there is to be no other.


People do not realize what the Messenger is facing in the world. For him, it is a very difficult thing, and he is reluctant to accept it because it is so very difficult—with so much risk and uncertainty and the assurance of rejection and denial. It is a very difficult thing, you see.

For the Messengers, this has always been the case. And while they have been the most important people in all of human history, they have also had some of the most difficult tasks—tasks which they themselves would never choose for themselves, but which were given to them, with great emphasis.

In fact, the miracle of their work is the miracle of their acceptance and their willingness to follow a pattern and a pathway not of their own making or their own design, to venture forth without a grand scheme or plan—without knowing all the steps and what they would require and what must be developed within them, what must be released and what it would require of those who were called to assist them and follow them.

So while they had the biggest task in the world, they also had the least information to begin with. Only the certainty that it must be done. Only the power of the engagement with the Angelic Assembly. Only the conviction deep within them that this is it. This is everything they have prepared for. This is everything that they must do.

There is no alternative. There is no other life to choose. There is no way out. You cannot excuse yourself, you see, when you reach this point. You must get on that ship sailing to the New World, with all the hazards that that involves and the uncertainty of what you will find and experience when you arrive.

For the Messenger, the hazard is both failure and success. If he fails to reach enough people in the world, then his Message may not take hold here, may fall into obscurity and be altered and changed by people for their own purposes and desires.

But, in a way, success holds greater difficulty for the Messenger, for with success comes recognition, and with recognition comes misfortune. With recognition comes acceptance that is not true—people rushing to meet the Messenger, but for all the wrong reasons, wanting special favors, wanting miracles, wanting special dispensations, wanting to be with the Messenger, to be part of his special entourage, to travel with him and be his companion and to claim all of the significance and recognition for this.

Then there will be people who will think the Messenger is their mate and their partner. Then there will be people who will come, but who are really not willing to put in the effort and the self-examination and the work that are required to rise to this great occasion, certainly the greatest occasion of this time in the world.

Yes, they have come for the right reasons, but they do not know themselves enough to see where they could fail, to see where they are weak and vulnerable, to see where they could fall under persuasion from other forces and step back into the shadows once the road becomes more difficult and challenging.

Some will fade away. They cannot accept the challenge. They cannot face the honesty that this will require within themselves even though they are called to this situation, even though it is the right place and time for them.

Amongst those who will reject the Messenger are all those who are protecting their position, their investment, their ideology, their arrogance, their significance, their pride, their position in society, their position in academia, their position in the theological community.

There are those who will reject the Messenger because he does not bring them gifts and miracles and relieve them from all of their difficulties—promising ecstasy, bliss and paradise in the future. They have to be sold on the truth. They cannot see it clearly themselves. They will want the Messenger to prove himself to them, when in reality they must prove themselves to him.

Then there are all the false messengers who, out of pride and arrogance and insecurity, will proclaim they have a new message from God or something equivalent to that. And they may be very persuasive, very aggressive, very charming, charismatic. But their message has no substance. It is not original in any sense. While it may make some different intellectual associations, it is not a New Revelation. It does not bring a new reality into the world. It does not prepare humanity for the future. It does not encompass all of life in this world and beyond. It is the product of their imagination, curiosity and reckless association.

The New Messenger



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