22 September 2016

Vitamin K2 And Beautiful People: Sauerkraut/Cod Liver Oil Face Mask To Reduce Wrinkles

Vitamin K2 And Beautiful People: Sauerkraut/Cod Liver Oil Face Mask To Reduce Wrinkles

Vitamin K2 And Beautiful People

And then, 100 years ago we took our cows off the pasture and off green grass and fed them corn and beans.  And we stopped sucking the marrow out of our bones.  As a consequence, you and I have cavities, and wrinkles, and varicose veins and heart attacks, and thin bones and diabetes…and and and.

source http://blog.newsinnutrition.com/2013/04/vitamin-k2-and-beautiful-people/

Indian in the machine: Vitamin K2 is the “fermented vitamin”… I’m going for some of that sauerkraut tomorrow!  Hmmm… I gotta say, after a few days of applying K2 to my face… it is taking the calcium from soft tissue and moves it back to the bones, where it belongs!  Hey how about a sauerkraut face mask????  Especially if you add Vitamin D3 and A…. like in cod liver oil???? Hmmmm…. did a few lightbulbs go off out there too????

Wrinkles aren’t just about rough or dry skin… they are also about calcium buildup… and then, nutrients cannot reach those places blocked by calcium.

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Get Vitamin K2 from these foods to keep bones, arteries healthy –


GRN Reports: The evidence is piling up for including Vitamin K2 in your diet. … Sauerkraut (also fermented veggie)……..4.8 mcg per 3.5 oz. serving (this is much …

Fennel & Fermented Veggies Are More Effective Than Calcium – Mercola


Nov 19, 2012 – In addition, you need to make sure you’re eating plenty of vitamin K2, which is found in fermented foods like homemade sauerkraut.

Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient – Chris Kresser


May 6, 2008 – Recent research has demonstrated the essential role of vitamin K2 in … On the other hand, fermented foods, however, such as sauerkraut, …

Vitamin K2 and Beautiful People

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