12 September 2016

New Ascension Song! Mission: Ascension Acceleration – Indian in the machine

I am soooo excited to be sharing this new inspiration… this latest one is a remix of the song, Heaven Inside, from Warrior Ignition, to the point the original song was sliced and diced into a new version that has a unique sound. I hope this music takes you on a magical journey… and encourages you to get more interested in the three waves of ascension, and the quantum shift of the ages, which may be occurring very very soon!!! Love, Indian

My Voice Matches Archangel Uriel voice… listen for yourself… verified recording of an archangel 🙂



Archangel Michael: September-December 2016 Most Important and Energetic Earth Period in Human History as 3D Matrix Now Comes to an End http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/08/september-december-2016-most-important-and-energetic-earth-period-in-human-history-as-3d-matrix-now-comes-to-an-end-3405113.html
Main Ascension Manual Hailed As The Most Important Book In The Whole World By God, Can Help You To Earn Your Presence For Paradise On Earth… Read It Here! http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/09/main-ascension-manual-hailed-as-the-most-important-book-in-the-whole-world-by-god-can-help-you-to-earn-your-presence-for-paradise-on-earth-read-it-here-3409642.html

Archangel Michael: Fabric of Reality Shift to Occur, During Third and Final Wave of Ascension! Most Powerful Dimensional Shift Humanity Has Ever Experienced!

3rd Ascension Wave Opens September 26th-29th Says Inner Earth Spokesman, Adama

More at www.indianinthemachine.com

More Indian in the machine music: Electric Medicine Man, Warrior Ignition, Spiritworld, and Soul Art… and the soon-to-be released CD project, Mission: Ascension Acceleration (this song with the same name being the title track). https://indianinthemachine.bandcamp.com/




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