12 September 2016

Awakening By The Tribal Fire



Awakening By The Tribal Fire – I met a lovely young women a few days ago, who was completely distraught… according to her, she had given all her love to a man who betrayed her, and she had given everything to him… she was shaking… her nervous system was frazzled… spirit guided me to talk to her, and the language I used was the same language she was using in her writings, which got us both laughing at times. Sometimes when I meet a rainbow warrior… all of us have been through so much, I want to lift them up, and tell them what a successful soul they are… I said to her, I am getting the impression that you are a healer… but that your mind chatter is taking you away from your soul chatter as a form of self-punishment… as I talked to her soul, I could feel her connect to it, and relax… hugging her was like hugging a bundle of love, that has yet to be completely unwrapped… she did not want to let go, and I said she did not have to… the last I saw her, we were swaying by the fire, feeling unified with the souls of the rainbow tribe, the singers, the dancers, the truthtellers… fascinating creatures, on one of the greatest adventures ever imagined… 144,000 and the second wavers… waking up the last wave of this dimension, before the quantum shift of the ages… learning to let go of the attachments that chain the love…. singing our heartsongs.  Love, Indian


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