23 July 2016

Latest “Zeta With Feather Headdress” Crop Circle Guide Humanity To Nibiru, Love, And The Nature Of All Creation

Latest “Zeta With Feather Headdress” Crop Circle Guide Humanity To Nibiru, Love, And The Nature Of All Creation

Latest Zeta crop circle… wow… the headdress being a symbol of having a connection to Creator… true, the zetas of the past have ‘wronged’ humanity, however they are now guiding us…

2.  Why would the crop circle makers guide humanity to the Zetas?

It is because the Zetas are a major information source in the unfolding approach of Nibiru.


3.  A significant portion of all crop circles, are guiding humanity to learn about Nibiru.


Get Ready! Crop Circles Now Depicting Magnetic Disturbance Of …

Sep 2, 2014 – 2014 August 29 – Earth Entering Magnetic Field Crop Circle … 2014 July 8 – Magnetic Field of Nibiru Crop Circle … Indian in the machine …

4.  Basically if I may interpret things… things are going down maaaaan… systems… electrical systems… electrical-based systems… it’s a birthing of the grandest proportions that few humans can comprehend, however, we envision billions preparing safely for the passage of Nibiru… and love is the ticket maaaaan. 🙂

5.  Love is the ticket and so too is the ticket, that you have a comfy place to lay your head… consider leaving your current situation if you feel called, and to create a 1. HOUSEBOAT, 2. PITHOUSE, 3. PORTABLE DWELLING  4,  TEMPORARY DWELLING, 5. TO BECOME A SPIRIT TRAVELLER.

6.  As system break down for a brief and yet complete period, expect to be drawn to a situation where you are to learn about love, or to be blessed by love…. which brings us to the heart crop circle… it’s our ET family maaaan… telling us everything is love…

Wilton Windmill, Nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 15th July.

It is all going to be allright…the zetas are guiding us, and so is heart… the crop circles are telling us so… by the way, no grass is harmed in the making of the crop circles… true, some may have been smoked by the writer of these words. 🙂  Indian

Indian in the machine


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