25 May 2016

Theory: 1-3 Tablespoons Of Food Of The Gods, Is Likely Going To Help You, For You Have Been Poisoned With Carcinogens, Radiated, Chemtrailed, Brainwashed, And Much More

Theory: 1-3 Tablespoons Of Food Of The Gods, Is Likely Going To Help You, For You Have Been Poisoned With Carcinogens, Radiated, Chemtrailed, Brainwashed,  And Much More

A theory is that 1-3 tablespoons one of the best food on earth (raw cacao) is going to help EVERYTHING!

Dear reader~

We note and accept without losing control, that we have been poisoned with carcinogens, radiated intentionally.. chemtrailed on purpose with nanoparticles, brainwashed since birth and so much more… is it no surprise that the healthcare industry is really the sickcare industry.

We live in a society that poisons itself in every which way imaginable, and then calls it, “progress”.

We live in a world where people want to get sick and stay sick, because of the benefits.

We live in a world where the food of the gods, is often shunned due to it’s association with, ‘candy’.

Yes, I’m talking about raw cacao…. food of the Gods.

Historically, many men who had many wives, were able to perform that magic trick, due to raw cacao… highest magnesium source!

Imagine the body rebuilding towards health and balance on 1-3 tablespoons of cacao… food of the gods.

Imagine your inflammation you likely have reducing… imagine your body regenerating easier with your support.

Imagine help is all around us, it is affordable it is accessible… it is called, “becoming present”.

Imagine yourself healing… no longer is eating junk desirable… no longer is hurting one’s body, seen as a “good time”.

Take a good hard look at how healthy you really are… if you are obese, cancerous, unhealthy, or out of balance in anyway physically… just know that raw cacao is there when you choose fast tracking yourself to health and vitality.

Somewhere along the way you may have lost a will to live, you danced less and sung your soul song no more… know that raw cacao will help you on this latest phase in your life, as you MERGE YOUR SOUL WITH YOUR BODY… in order for you to benefit from soul presence, you must rebuild your body to house the soul…. do it now… you will not regret your focus going in this direction.

Other foods of the gods: spelt, chia, hemp, moringa…

Supplementation to consider, if you regularly eat monoculture mass produced foods:  silica, boron, iodine, sulfur.

The mission to remain here on earth, is to completely harmonize every aspect of your body, mind, emotions and spirit, with all beings and all dimensions… the direction of flow for this energy is inward, extended outward… because most humans live outwardly and direct that energy inward, we can see at some point, the river has to change course, in order to survive… a whole new being is being birthed in this process.

Indian in the machine (cosmic blog, galactic spirit music, ionic foot bath plates, how to see the sky spirits)

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