23 April 2016

Do You Have Rocks In Your Head And Body … Literally??? Likely Yes If You Eat A Common Diet, And Here Is Why

Do You Have Rocks In Your Head And Body … Literally??? Likely Yes If You Eat A Common Diet, And Here Is Why

Lack Of Enzymes From Eating Non-Organic Mass-Produced Food Will Result In Rocks In Your Head… And Body! Calcium Building Up…. Floating All Over The Body Causing Havoc, And Needless Pain And Suffering

Two years ago, I suddenly dropped, unable to walk or crawl. I was in so much pain and luckily my husband just got home from work. He took me to the Urgent Care. The doctor was so knowledgeable (thank god), he immediately sent me down for X-Ray. He sent my husband to the first floor pharmacy and got a bottle of Magnesium Citrate and brought it up. I drank it within 2 minutes. Then he showed me the X-Ray I brought back. There were rocks, calcium, wastes, toxins, etc… floating all over my body. My body was unable to digest all the foods and others that I consumed for 38 years. I was shocked but if I looked back – I always had tummy ache but thought it was something I ate. I drank 2 more bottles in 2 days ( 1 bottle as soon as I wake up each day). For a week, my systems was flushed down but the worst thing was it’s all sand. That’s how bad it was. Magnesium broke down everything and my butt was hurting so badly because it’s all sand.


Eating mass produced cooked foods, will MOST DEFINITELY result in rocks in your head and body, because foods grown with HERBICIDES AND PESTICIDES, are ANTIBIOTIC… killing off the enzymes needed to digest food… to add further to the madness… COOKED FOODS, will kill off enzymes….YOU NEED ENZYMES TO DIGEST FOOD, IF YOU HAVE LOW ENZYMES, THAT FOOD MAY DEPOSIT ITSELF THROUGHOUT YOUR BODY…. if you are in pain or suffering RELATED TO CALCIUM DEPOSITS, the first places to look are: 1.  Is the food you are eating mass produced, and 2. Do you have an over reliance on cooked foods… if this were not bad enough, 3. mass produced foods will quickly deplete the soil because nature is not designed for MONOCULTURE CROPS, so what looks like food, is but a fragment of what that food is designed to be.  If you eat cooked mass produced non-organic food, you will surely suffer or be in pain… that is that.

Some of your allies to remove calcium buildup can be found at the link above. 🙂  I will also add that you will need BORON, SULFUR, AND SILICA… all of which have a negative charge… also the ionic foot bath plates that I sell on my website, also help with bringing negative charge back into the body.   – Indian in the machine

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