22 April 2016

Extraterrestrials Reveal Cancer Cure Diet That Might Actually Save Your Life And Your Money Too!

Exterrestrials Reveal Cancer Cure Diet That Might Actually Save Your Life And Your Money Too!

Humans… our extraterrestrial family reveal a cancer cure diet that might save your life and your money too… is that worthy a read?  Yea!  Read this exerpt from the wonderful message from the Collective of Guides Channeled by Salena Migeot, reposted below.  Conversely if you want to know why you or others get cancer, some of the answer has to do with doing the OPPOSITE of what is recommended in the cancer cure diet…  

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Indian in the machine

Dear ones, it is imperative that you all know this because cancer affects every one of you to some extent or another. We hold so much love and compassion for so many of you who have lost loved ones to cancer. Cancer and many other illnesses have become an industry. There is more and more information coming out about ways to actually heal cancer by eliminating the root without chemotherapy or surgery. Some of these involve eating pure organic (non-pesticide laden) foods and only pure organic foods. This “Cure Diet” would involve no animal/flesh foods whatsoever including eggs and dairy. It would involve only those grains that have not been genetically modified (toxically developed). It would also involve abstaining from alcohol, caffeine, and other highly acidic foods and beverages which includes all forms of sugar except fresh organic fruit.

This diet may seem extreme, but if you had the choice of dying of cancer or living with a seemingly limited but actually very healthy, delicious, and abundant diet what would you choose? For those of you who say eating organic is too expensive, we say: When you eliminate all those things that cause disease through pesticides, GMOs, or high acidity, you might actually save money. And you will certainly be saving tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. You could also speed up the detoxing/healing process by doing certain Ayurvedic processes like skin brushing, colonic enemas, herbal cleanses, and many forms of energy healing. Any healing modality that moves energy is beneficial. There are literally thousands of energy healing modalities world-wide. It is up to you to find what resonates for you.


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