31 March 2016

Ascension Of The Face: 5 Key Steps To De-aging Your Appearance With Focus On The Face; Decalcify Your Face And Body, While You Rejuvenate, Remineralize, Exercise And Rebuild Facial Muscles

Ascension Of The Face: 5 Key Steps To De-aging Your Appearance With Focus On The Face; Decalcify Your Face And Body, While You Rejuvenate, Remineralize, Exercise And Rebuild Facial Muscles

Dear earthings on the brink of the biggest paradigm shift,

Somewhere within keys to the kingdom of you, looking and feeling better, is the hidden aspect of calcium buildup in the face and body. This can easily happen if you are dehydrated, or have too much calcium in your diet, or too little magnesium among other factors. You have heard of kidney stones… however the bombshell here, is that similar tiny stones, can buildup in the face and throughout the body, and when that happens it prematurely ages you. Calcium buildup is tricky, as it does not scrub away with soap…

Think of a coral reef… imagine that coral is basically forming under your skin and in the muscle tissue… and this will block nutrients from getting to where it is needed most… the nutrients never arrive… whoa…

The beauty and health industries often get us to use products that will result in MORE CALCIUM BUILDUP… after years… you can imagine if the faucets look like this, what is going on under the skin….

This is basically what we are dealing with under the skin, tiny bits of calcium embedded into the muscle that does not wash off with soap and water…. okay just let that soak in (pun intended hehe)…


Keep in mind and heart there are many variations to i. CLEANSE, ii. DISSOLVE CALCIUM, iii. REMINERALIZE, iv. REMOISTURIZE, and v. EXERCISE.  Use whatever it is suitable for you and your situation, and do not be afraid to experiment.

  1.  Key ingredient to washing your face is activated charcoal… and your favorite soap.  Activated charcoal is a miracle for cleaning the skin and body… you can add it to drinks too!
  2.  Key ingredients to dissolve calcium include lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar. You can also add chanca piedra (a herb that breaks up calcium stones).  Now here, remember the times you saw calcium buildup in the kitchen or bathroom faucets and sinks… that is what we are dealing with here… and soap and scrubbing will not break it up…. but hours of soaking your face in vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice sure will!!  Good news eh!
  3.  Key ingredients to rebuild your face include cacao (or other high magnesium source), a high silica source (like diatomaceous earth), avocado (or another suitable oil source like hemp, chia, coconut),
  4. Key ingredients to remoisturize your face include things that are gelatinous:  Gelatin, pre-soaked chia seeds, mango or something else that holds lots of water, but gelatin is best because it is a protein (collagen and keratin) source that holds lots of water, as does chia… obviously you drink more water and hydrating beverages, and lessen the foods and beverages that dehydrate the body.
  5. So if you have soaked your face for hours with lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar… now you are in a good position to use special tools to break up calcium deposits underneath your skin and embedded within muscle tissues.  I poke and prod the calcium buildup with two tools that look like this… and yes, you can literally feel when the particles break up, especially around the eyes where the skin is not as sensitive as we are led to believe:  
  6. Facial exercises – for these I am going to recommend that you visit Peta, who is a passionate advocate of facial exercises… you gotta see her before and after pics… which follow many of her videos… do not get discouraged at this step because some of us have little facial muscle to exercise… fortunately with diligence and proper nutrition, if you keep this step up, you will see improvements… guaranteed!!!

    FACEROBICS® – Your Face Exercise Coach

    Peta is Australia’s Leading Face Exercise Instructor. FACEROBICS® – Your Face Exercise Coach, is an Australian YouTube …


Depending on how advanced your calcium situation is, or how sensitive your body is to this regime, or the overall condition of your health, you can do this everyday… and it might take one time, days or weeks to see a noticeable improvement… for many 3 weeks or less, will yield noticeable improvements…



You can take these five steps and apply them to the entire body, I have simply focused on the face here, because it is often a high priority for looking good… if you have other health-related issues and have the time and desire you can get serious and apply these concepts to other body parts.

I know what it is like to feel and look younger than my years… which is why I am so excited to share these concepts in the hopes that you can feel and look better about your physical self.

Yes our world is changing fast, and many aspects of our lives are collapsing, but that does not have to include your face or body hehe…

Feel free to support my mission to assist you with your personal ascension, and our species with our collective ascension, with a paypal gift. I know how grateful you may be for this information and for many this information will result in a whole new outlook on yourself and life, however gratitude alone, does not pay the bills. These 5 steps will save you money on expensive things that do not even work, and will save you from looking older before your time, and from feeling shy and undesirable, when inside you have lots of offer.  With persistence these 5 steps will brighten your looks, skin, smile and aura, and who knows what else.  The calcium mask can now be removed, and only good things will come from it, if you allow it.  I support the true you, coming through because I know we come from the same source… Light and Love. 🙂

Indian in the machine  (47 years old…been through hell and now back into heaven.)


You have worked hard, without reward or even concrete evidence to prove that there is any basis for your Faith. You believed against all objections and arguments to the contrary, and you swam against the stream of public beliefs to place your energy and your heart’s desire on the line. You wanted this great celebration of friendship and happiness to share with your fellow humankind. You wanted it with all your heart, and you sent your prayers and pleas to us, to help you make it possible.


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