10 March 2016

Is Any Of This RV, Nesara, New Republic Of the United States Stuff, Truth? *Emailed to Operation Disclosure* New Republic Of The United States President Paul Ryan Primetime Address Happening Shortly, Military On High Alert, New Gold-Backed United States Notes

Is Any Of This RV, Nesara, New Republic Of the United States Stuff, Truth? *Emailed to Operation Disclosure* New Republic Of The United States President Paul Ryan Primetime Address Happening Shortly, Military On High Alert, New Gold-Backed United States Notes

*Emailed to Operation Disclosure* New Republic Of The United States President Paul Ryan Primetime Address Happening Shortly, Military On High Alert, New Gold-Backed United States Notes 

“Fall of Rome”

March 9, 2016

New Republic President of the United States Paul Ryan will be making a prime time address to the nation very shortly, announcing his appointment as the 45th President of the Republic, as well as the selection of General Joseph Dunford (former interim Republic President) as his Vice President.

This peaceful transition of power falls within all estiblished Constitutional guidelines, and thus everything should appear normal to both a domestic and global viewing audience, as there is precedent for a US President to resign (Richard Nixon 1974). So President Ryan will first have to announce the resignation of former President Obama and Vice President Biden, who we are told have pre-taped resignation speeches.

This is why Obama is nowhere to be found since the State of the Union Address and Biden is suddenly traveling to Israel. Also, this is why the military is on high tactical alert — just in chase there are disruptions within the general population over the unannounced Obama Administration exit — hence the need for helicopters, deployed ground forces and heavy transport vehicles.

President Ryan will then announce the closure of the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as a new US Treasury issued gold backed currency called the United States Notes. It is in US bank vaults/ATMs now and have a 1:1 exchange ratio. Again, nothing out of the scope of ration eventual unordinary, just the way the Elders prefer to handle everything… subtle and understated, but truthful and transparent.

President Ryan will be making a few other changes, which we have yet to lock down exactly what those will be.

It is anticipated that Ryan’s speech will come either Wednesday or Thursday evening @ 8pm. And those of us following the RV can look for redemption appointment 800#s to be released simultaneously (internet, phone, email) as President Ryan declares the gold standard and new USN’s publicly to the world. This is considered the surrender of the cabal (note: SKR accounts are also scheduled to be released at that time).

Private groups like those lumped together in Reno (as well as the internet group) are now scheduled to begin physical redemptions starting at @7am on Friday 3.11.16and go through Tuesday March 16. With bank branch or a mass public redemptions beginning as early as March 21 (start of spring) and continuing for exactly one month. Notifications to sub group leaders are coming. International and Contract rates are great, so get in early and do your business because rates will be going down not up in the future.

Friday April 22 has long been the day we understood the new gold sport price (benchmark standard for all currency value) will be announced at the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). This would mean the entire RV process took exactly 1 year from when the TRNs were first allowed to be traded or allowed to “go live” on back screens, therefore constituting the official beginning of the RV.

This is why so many have said the RV is done… and yet its not. Again, be flexible as dates and times are fluid given the importance of guaranteeing security for such a hyper-unusal event.

As for the Presidential Race… eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will bow out either for health reasons or because she’s being prosecuted for past transgressions… or both… Bernie Sanders will be the lame duck Democratic nominee in November’s general election.

The Republican nominee will not be Donald Trump, as he will patriotically step aside in the best interests of the country, so President Ryan can and will ultimately be the sitting Republican Presidental nominee, with the full support of his conservative party base.

This is why Ryan was given the Speaker of the House position, so that in this moment he would be President, and possibly for 8 years plus his short tenure this term. At this time, it is unclear if General Dunford will also be on the ticket, as many believe that is doubtful. Expect the General either to return to his post as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs or retire.

Anyway you look at these upcoming events, it’s clear we’re in the middle of historic world moments, very much like the Fall of Rome circa 476 C.E.. Guess the more things change, the more they really do stay the same. The below link is a musical “tribute” to the multiple sources who have contributed to this post over the years, hoping soon we all shall witness history repeating itself peacefully… as one family known as humanity.


Is Any Of This RV, Nesara, New Republic Of the United States Stuff, Truth?

Dear world on the brink of the most massive changes unimaginable,

1.  The puppet show continues for a few moments longer:

We exist in a world where the mainstream media tells us lies, and our leaders have been playing the role of puppets on a string… even on the american dollar bill it says, “In God We Trust”… and yet so few trust God when it comes down to anything, let alone the most massive changes, unimaginable.  Prime Creator Himself, even calls the US election a puppetshow…

Prime Creator Calls US Election A Puppetshow, “What You See Is All For Show”, Galactic Federation Calls US Election, “A Sham”

For me, I have no desire to mislead… I am simply someone who is a servant of God… and I believe these “Emails to Operation Disclosure” to be accurate…. it doesn’t mean they are.

2.  Archangel Michael confirms this Operation Disclosure source to be accurate as of a March 7, 2016 message…

Archangel Michael is a head servant of God… is that a reliable source? I certainly believe Archangel Michael to be a MORE RELIABLE SOURCE THAN PRACTICALLY ANY OTHER SOURCE.

GrandFather  Pushes the RV/GCR Button!
We come to verify and trumpet the true and magnificent news… GrandFather has indeed pushed the GO button as described in the article below, penned by our dear and trusted brother.
We here in the higher dimensions join with you on the surface of Earth in humble gratitude to GrandFather for the fulfillment of these reality-altering Blessings of Prosperity.
Know  this: you are the trusted stewards of the first wave of healing  abundance
that now washes across the surface of your planet, creating healing and resurrection in its wake.  Give generously.  Turn to us at any moment for
guidance and support.  We  are here for you, and we are all in this together!
Every choice you make matters and can be a choice that contributes to the restoration of Light within you, on Earth and across the Galaxy.
Father and Mother God, we earnestly thank you and ask that you guide our soul.
In love and devoted service, I am your Brother.
Archangel Michael 

Archangel Michael Newsletter With St. Germain On Coming Worldwide Events, Including World Financial Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Cabal Arrests, Ascension and more! 

3.  People point to the television set, and say, oh there is Obama and Trudeau having a meeting at the whitehouse on March 10th, therefore these updates must be false.  

Well, I can certainly see how you might see that… but then again, are talking puppets and lying media the best sources of truth? More truthful than Archangel Michael? More truthful than Prime Creator? More truthful than Sananda?  If these names mean little to you, it shows how little you know about ‘life out there’… perhaps you might even believe earthlings are all alone in the multiverse, or that God enjoys punishing you.  Don’t be one of these people who need puppets to tell you truth, when surely Prime Creator is the ultimate source of truth… no debate folks, unless you yourself, are a mind controlled puppet!

Obama and Justin Trudeau of Canada Unveil Efforts to Fight Climate 
New York Times-4 hours ago

4.  Is the new york times  or Obama or Trudeau being truthful about ‘efforts to fight climate change’ when chemtrails rain down from the sky in BOTH countries, and California is being weather controlled and everything weather-related gets blamed on El Nino????

California “Big One” Earthquake Watch! San Andreas Fault Zone Had Significant 3-Gas “Puff Event”… World’s Highest Levels Of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide And Sulfur Dioxide Being Measured

5.  Is it true the US military is on high alert…. DEFCON 4???

The DEFCON Warning System

Digest and analysis of the nuclear threat against the United States.

6.  Highest level galactic commander Ashtar, says Obama and Trudeau (The channeling says, “Troudeau”, but I am asuming this is a typo)… have been working BEHIND THE SCENES, towards peace and separation from US Cabal. 

Ashtar Update On World Leaders: Putin, Obama, Abadi, Rouhani, Merkel, Troudeau, Pope Francis, Ancient Chinese, And Other Ancient Families, And Others Working Towards Peace, Mutual Trade And Separation From US Cabal 

7.  Is it not interesting that both Paul Ryan and Obama are not attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral, for some unknown believable reason?

Story image for paul ryan reagan schedule from Tampabay.com

Nancy Reagan begins final journey to husband’s side (w/video)

Tampabay.com-15 hours ago
Nancy Reagan began her final journey to her husband’s side … viewing was to continue for two days leading up to the funeralscheduled for Friday. … House Speaker Paul Ryan bows his head in front of the casket of Nancy …

House Speaker Paul Ryan has paid his respects to the late former first lady Nancy Reagan after the arrival of her casket at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Ryan approached the casket Wednesday, bowed his head in prayer and made the sign of the cross before leaving.

Earlier, a motorcade brought the casket to the library from a funeral home in Santa Monica after a brief service attended by about 20 members of Nancy Reagan’s family and close friends.

The public will be allowed to file past the casket Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Only invited guests will attend Friday’s funeral. Ryan’s office says he cannot attend due to schedule conflicts.


8.   Here is what top judge says on the matter of the New Republic of the United States:
9.  Netanyahu cancels meeting with Obama? Strange.

Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With Obama

Antiwar.com-13 hours ago
On his own and through his proxies in what is called the US “Israel Lobby,” Benjamin Netanyahu expended enormous political and financial …

10.  Both US and Canada “toy” with the idea of ‘free money” to boost economies… but I feel there is much more going on here.

President Obama To Give Everyone Free Money Just For …

Jun 30, 2015 – President Robin Hood has yet another evil scheme to redistribute the wealth, taking money from poor oppressed employers to give to their …

Justin Trudeau Plans To Experiment Giving Canadians ..

3 days ago – Justin Trudeau Plans To Experiment Giving Canadians Unconditional Free Money. News It’s what makes this country great. by Jeremy Hazan.

11.  New money for Canada…. strange these things just happen with no reasonable public input.

Canadian woman to be added to new currencyTrudeau
International-Globalnews.ca-Mar 8, 2016

So as we can see, there is lots going on, and MUCH MORE GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES… are these updates truth? It will remain to be seen… but one thing is for sure…, In God I trust…. do you? Do you believe satanic forces will rule through the Golden Age Of ENLIGHTENMENT???? Now that is a stretch of truth, worth examining!!

Indian in the machine

6 Responses

  1. Jasper Till

    Yeah well just in case yiu missed it,… nothing in your post happened that way you wrote, Trump is potus not Ryan, etc.
    As long as you leave this innacurate info up
    You and your post will lose credibility day by day…not helping the cause in any way.

    1. Kat

      Yes Trump is president of the Corporation of the United States, not the Country. Read the Act of 1871 and shocker! we are not a country anymore. Consider learning more about “The Republic of The United States of America” – the way it was before the enslavement.

  2. Chief J. Hoss Jones Jr.

    It’s said the Paul Ryan went to Reno and was “sworn in” as a president to re-instituted republic ..That it was supposedly done on a Indian Nation res. What Indian Nation did this accrue at ?

    1. Kat

      I thought and see President Geiger on the Republic’s website. IDK. All I know is that the Republic is up & running since 2010. Just waiting for the people to realize that they do have a choice & opportunity to rebuild our country for the greater good and for all. Every single human, tree& animal.

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