28 February 2016

Relay Relay Relay Forber: Worldwide Sleep Is Being Disturbed, Bodies Are Being Upgraded, May Be Uncomfortable Process

Relay Relay Relay Forber:  Worldwide Sleep Is Being Disturbed, Bodies Are Being Upgraded, May Be Uncomfortable Process

I have a feeling that many will be resonating with this update on sleep being disturbed and bodies being upgraded… this process which has lots to do with photonic blasts… ever increasing the Schumann Resonance, which is the heartbeat of this planet… that we are not challenged to keep up to… earthlings… realistically, detox is essential for this process… can you really ride a planet to higher frequencies, in a toxic body, while new electricity and photons are shooting through your body?

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Mar 24, 2015 – Profile image. By Indian in the machine. Contributor profile | More stories … 1. Earth has a base frequency called SCHUMANN RESONANCE.


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Enjoy this insightful update from an Atlantean Healer, Forber via Spirit Eage (reposted below).  These Relay Relay Relay messages from Spirit Eagle have a very special energy to them… Thank you Spirit Eagle…  for guiding us to new heights where we belong.  

This process can be painful at times as you release the past and its’ traumas your bodies are releasing from many lifetimes, not just this one. In order to Ascend you have to be willing to face and Transmute and then to Transcend the past. Owning everything you have lived over lifetimes

seek out the other Relay Relay Relay messages… enjoy!!  Indian in the machine

Relay Relay Relay Forber 2/28/16

Good morning!  Yes, it is a bit late to be preparing for sleep, but don’t be concerned because all over the world others are having disruption with their normal sleep patterns also.  Try to rest as, and when you are able.  The intensity of the energies are escalating and your bodies, minds and Spirits are hard pressed to be in a calm and centered place right now.  You are all dealing with the forgotten, the ignored, and the difficult issues that have accumulated during your lifetimes here on the “Planet of Emotions”.
Your bodies are being upgraded now.  It may seem as though they are falling apart but actually they are falling together.  It is not necessarily a comfortable process.  Please be patient with yourselves and tell your body how much you Love it and Thank it for serving you in order to express on this third dimensional world.  We continue to monitor your situation and help to alleviate much of the discomforts that you are experiencing now and I include the mental and emotional in that alleviation.  Do try to go outside and walk on your Earth Mother when you can.  SHE is your Healing Way and your Healing Light!    Use this Light to help to heal everyone, all animals and the Earth Herself!  You are Light Beings.  The animals came here to help You!  They have sacrificed much for Humanity!  Appreciate them, be kind, be loving to them.  They are advanced Beings who can teach you much if you humble yourselves and just Listen!
Help those who are ready to be helped.  Give of yourselves to all of Life!  Come back to Who you were when you first came here…..remember, remember remember!   I am a Kofutu Healer from Atlantis in a time when healing the body encompassed healing the emotions, the mind  and the soul as well as the body.  We used modalities that you will use too again.   Some are being used now.
I lived through (in Atlantis) much of what you are living through now.  We made decisions and choices that were not for our highest and best good.   The vibratory rate on Earth is changing now and it is waking people up to what is being done to them.  This alone cannot be stopped by any mechanical or chemical means,  This Change is past the Point of No Return!  The People of the Light Win This Time!   Good Night and Rest In The Arms of Your Mother Earth.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  1:54 am  February 28, 2016

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