21 February 2016

Angel Speaks On Shadow Government Murder Of Scalia, WW3 Armegeddon Plans, US Martial Law, And Skillful Collapse Of Economy And Return Of Master Christ!!!; New Pleiadian Info On Nibiru, Major Earth Changes About To Erupt

Angel Speaks On Shadow Government Murder Of Scalia, WW3 Armegeddon Plans, US Martial Law, And Skillful Collapse Of Economy And Return Of Master Christ!!!; New Pleiadian Info On Nibiru, Major Earth Changes About To Erupt

Listen to this angel and Pleiadian speak on important matters via Cody Golden Elk, from  Star  Lodge Healing Center:

A few notes from the channeling:


-Divine plans as it was foretold, with some misinterpretations, throughout the ages.

-Archangel Michael bringing forces of Light, under command of Jesus (Sananda).

– Master Christ is set to return during time of Armegeddon, which is to break out in middle east.

-Scalia was poisoned by dark forces, occupying present US government (dark forces turning on each other).

-Economy will be deliberately and skillfully collapsed.

-Planet is gyrating… flinging about energetically.

-Arrive of Nibiru with long debris trail is playing havoc with earth, both physically and emotionally.

-Ionosphere and magnetosphere are fluctuating.

-Chemical trail sprays are increasing.

-Nibiru brings changes of many magnitudes higher than humans can combat.

– Dark forces still playing a ‘project blue beam’ type of scenario to fake an alien invasion.

-Nibiru does definitely approach.

-Major weather and geological anomalies are about to erupt.

-War will soon magnify greatly in middle east, as economic collapse and martial law will occur in US.

-Electromagnetic psychotronic control from land-based and satellites sources.

-Dark forces will NOT succeed in their world takeover plans.

-Select humans will be contacted by Pleiadians to help with dissemination of information.

-War will magnify greatly as economic collapse and martial law will occur in US… chemtrails with more sophistication is planned, with arrests and more murders occur with attempt to consolidate power… these plans will not be successful.

-Prepare for extreme weather events, from Nibiru and man-made weather modification tools.

Dear cherished readers…. let us put all of this into some context.

1. Our planet is definitely gyrating:  More Prophetic Earth Wobble Signs!!! Temperature Extremes, Position Of Sun Off, Timing Of Sunrise And Sunsets Are Off

Six Major Steps Of Nibiru Passby: Atlantic Rift Tug, Earth Wobble, Earth Lean, 3 Days Of Darkness, Earth Rotation Stop, Poleshift… Planetary Magnetism Explained

Biggest News Of Our Lifetimes Since Year 2003: Record Hurricanes, Record Fireballs, Record Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity, Record Magnetosphere Activity, Record Weather, Earth Wobble

2.  Armegeddon is part of divine plan, as part of FINAL BATTLE BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT…. it is interesting that the timing of the return of Jesus Sananda, is similar as what is stated in the Phoenix Journals:

Armageddon By The Rivers Of Babylon 2016! Historical ET Document And Biblical Revelations, Reveal Timing Hints Of The Second Coming Of ‘Jesus'(Sananda), Final Battle Against God, And Televised Disclosure Timed With Great Earth Upheavals

3.  Ionosphere is definitely sick!

Astronaut Say Earth Looks Sick As Seen From Space…As Earth Taken Over By Galactic Command, There Is Cease Fire In Armageddon; Life Is An Opportunity For Return To Innocence And Trust; Personal Detox Is Essential

4.  Economy is definitely coming down, but there will be a new economy, that is not controlled by dark forces!

Archangel Michael Update: New World Economy, Free Energy And Healing Tech., Debt Forgiveness, Disclosure Announcements, Mass ET Landings, Mentorship Program And More!

St. Germain Aligns With Chinese White Dragon Society To Introduce Nesara/Gesara To The World

Breaking News!!! Commander Vrillion Of Galactic Command Has Returned: RV, NESARA Announcements, Then Mass Decloaking Of Millions Of Spaceships

Breaking News! Prepare For Decloaking Spaceships With Millions Of Beings Waving From Galactic Federation Of Light And Ashtar Command After RV And Nesara Announcements! December 2015 Update

$27,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Conversation With Inside Financial Warrior For The Light: RV Transactions Worth Septillions!!! (27 Zeros!!!) Towards Period Of Wealth Beyond Measure!!!

5.  Nibiru’s arrival has been highly documented in my past postings, please look at my previous postings.

6. Ionosphere and magnetosphere are definitely in flux:

Red Kachina, Blue Kachina Explained! Nibiru Is Magnetic, Simple Magnet Experiment Bring Two Magnets Closer Together, You Are Also Magnetic, It Is Detox Time! Nibiru Has Earthlike Environment, The Soul Is Infinite 

Biggest News Of Our Lifetimes Since Year 2003: Record Hurricanes, Record Fireballs, Record Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity, Record Magnetosphere Activity, Record Weather, Earth Wobble

Zetatalk: Latest “Magnetic” Crop Circles Symbolize Earth Magnetosphere Getting Blasted From Nibiru

Zetas Say Power Outages In Washington, Turkey, London And Other Lowland Wet Areas, Caused By Strong Nibiru Electro-Magnetic Pulses

7.  More erratic weather is in the future.

Now We’ve Got Unusual Tidal Waves, Strange Weather, Record Earthquakes, Record Fireballs, Bending Magnetosphere, Weather And Earth Wobble, High Volcanic Activity and More… Why?

Unprecedented Unusual Weather Now Becoming New Norm! Warm Rain In Alaska In Winter, Snow At California Beach

Worldwide Earth Weather Extremes Will Suddenly Make Sense, With Earth Wobble Time Lapse Gif


8.  Dark forces will not succeed, and those who are messing with earth are being removed:

Illuminati Are Being Removed To Second Earth, In Another Galaxy… Latest Update And Research… “Absolute Peace” In Days Ahead! 

9.  To summerize, many humans will have an opportunity to rise up the dark, and say no thank you, as everything burns and floods on the surface of earth, which will result in a rebirthing of a new era of consciousness for humanity, who after thousands of years of being messed with and obsessed with the physical world, will once again remember that spirit is the cause of all physical experiences!  Dark forces use their spiritual info., to control others, and humans are advised to stop giving their attention to the antics of those who are using great influence, to guide humans into permanent slavery, where no one ever knows the causes of their experiences.  As long as you are embodying love frequencies, the chemtrails and other attempts to control you will have NO EFFECT, ALTHOUGH THERE WILL BE ATTEMPTS, so you may see all of this playing out, and are advised to not be emotionally and mentally controlled… instead be an observer who responds with love, and do not take the cleansing of this planet personally, instead use this opportunity to cleanse your own energy field of egoic physical-based illusions.  In the meantime, there will be earthquakes and earth changes, the likes humanity cannot even imagine or fathom…as more humans show a sincere heartfelt effort to know truth, more humans will be informed, it is that simple…. HEART CLOSED= IGNORANT SLAVE…  HEART OPEN = POWERFUL INFINITE SPIRIT….THE CHOICE IS OUR’S.

Shadow Earth Governments Were Preparing For Spiritual Quickening, Photon Belt And Nibiru, To Take Over World, But They Are Being Removed Instead! Look Forward To Important World Announcements 

Affirmation:  Dear Creator, thank you for this time on earth, where I am finally getting my final opportunities to serve YOU, rather than MY EGO, or OTHER PEOPLE’S EGOS… and am going to respond to attempts to take over my energy, WITH CALM AND COMPASSIONATE LOVE, WHICH IS MY ULTIMATE WEAPON AGAINST DARK FORCES… THANK  YOU FOR PROTECTION, AND FOR SENDING YOUR HEAVENLY HOSTS TO COME AND ASSIST HUMANS DURING THIS CRUCIAL TIME.  While it is true that humans have not dealt with these dark forces enough, I support the notion that they be removed from this reality and transported to a more suitable learning environment….  I request that any attempts to control me or another IN ANY MANNER, be automatically returned to the sender, magnified 1 million times, because your Light within me says so…. so be it!


Breaking! Galactics Taking Control Of Earth! Cabal In Last Dying Breath, “They Have Not Surrendered But We Are Taking Over”, Says Sananda, Supreme ET Commander Of All Visitors To Earth, Under Direction Of Prime Creator

By now you may realize living a distracted life being distracted and controlled by physicality, and being disconnected from our Creator, is not working out at all for anyone…. will you the reader, if not already, choose this moment to say, “Creator, I will serve you, and only you, and will not give my attention to dark forces, except to inform myself, and to respond with love, and most importantly, to love them”….by now I have realized that hating those who attempt to take my energy, is not working out, so I choose love instead because I know love is the solution…. I invite my off-world family, to help me and all humans through this transition time… so be it!

Indian in the machine

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  1. Grandmother

    listen up….Enough is enough

    it’s time!!!!!

    please consider what our world would be like if we live in the light & love,
    and treat all our relations with dignity & respect

    Maat’s rules of behavior:(When the women were drummers)

    I have not been a man of anger
    I have done no evil to mankind
    I have not inflicted pain
    I have made none to weep
    I have done violence to no man
    I have not done harm unto animals
    I have not robbed the poor
    I have not fouled water
    I have not trampled fields
    I have not behaved with insolence
    I have not judged hastily
    I have not stirred up strife
    I have not made any man to commit murder for me
    I have not insisted that excessive work be done for me daily
    I have not borne false witness
    I have not stolen land
    I have not cheated in measuring the bushel
    I have allowed no man to suffer hunger
    I have not increased my wealth except with such things as are my own possessions
    I have not seized wrongfully the property of others
    I have not taken milk from the mouths of babes

    I am so grateful for the amazing extraordinary opportunity to be part of the shift towards light and love for all our relations

    I know you know me; please keep my identity confidential

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