03 February 2016

Suddenly Stronger Winds All Over The World Up To 115 mph, Atlantic Ocean Magnetically Active, World Economic Effects, As Earth Does Magnetic Dance With Nibiru… 3 Days Of Darkness Here We Come ?!!!

Suddenly Stronger Winds All Over The World Up To 115 mph, Atlantic Ocean Magnetically Active, World Economic Effects, As Earth Does Magnetic Dance With Nibiru… 3 Days Of Darkness Here We Come ?!!!

1.  Suddenly the winds are stronger, all over the world.

Story image for strong wind from getwestlondon

Storm Henry to bring strong winds to London

getwestlondon-Feb 1, 2016
Storm Henry will batter Britain with severe gale force winds, the Met Office … cloudy and windy spells, with strong wind continuing into Tuesday.

Story image for strong wind from MyNewsLA.com

Snow, strong winds, wild surf and more weird weather Monday

MyNewsLA.com-Feb 1, 2016
Amid strong winds and high surf, a storm brought snow to the San Gabriel Mountains at low elevations Monday and to the Antelope Valley …
Southern California snow levels drop as storm exits region
International-LA Daily News-Feb 1, 2016

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Story image for strong wind from Arizona Daily Sun

2:15 p.m. update: More snow, strong winds expected

Arizona Daily Sun-Feb 1, 2016
Snow showers. High near 25. Breezy, with a southwest wind 20 to 24 mph, with gusts as high as 36 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%.

Story image for strong wind from Evening News and Tribune

Strong winds, storms expected Tuesday

Evening News and Tribune-Feb 1, 2016
Once we are in the warm sector, expect sunshine to break through the clouds and the winds will begin to ramp up as well. With such astrong …

Story image for strong wind from Community Newspaper Group

Strong wind hampers riders

Community Newspaper Group-Feb 2, 2016
WEATHER is always a factor at the Kwinana Motorplex, but while the showers stayed away until the end of the weekend’s cycling action, …

Story image for strong wind from BBC News

Weather warning for heavy rain and strong winds across Wales

BBC News-Jan 29, 2016
Winds of up to 80mph and rain has hit Wales, causing some disruption. … The Met Office warning for strong wind ended at 18:00 GMT, but …

Strong wind forecast

Kuensel, Buhutan’s National Newspaper-Jan 27, 2016
Weather: Strong gusty wind of around 30 meter per second over the northern and northwest parts of Bhutan has been forecasted in the next 72 …

Story image for strong wind from ABC Online

Tropical Cyclone Stan crosses WA coast bringing heavy rain, strong 

ABC Online-Jan 30, 2016
“It’s still likely to cause heavy rain and strong winds as it goes through the interior of the state, so some of the desert communities will feel the …

Story image for strong wind from The Eastsider LA

February blows in with more strong winds [updated]

The Eastsider LA-Feb 1, 2016
The winds blowing across the Eastside this morning don’t appear asstrong as Sunday’s gusts but they are still causing some problems, …

Story image for strong wind from Worcester News

Strong winds cause wall to collapse in Warndon

Worcester News-Feb 1, 2016
A WALL collapsed after being blown down by strong winds near housing association properties in Warndon. The wall near properties in …

Story image for strong wind from Knoxville News Sentinel

Heavy rain and strong wind on tap for Triangle

News & Observer-3 hours ago
A storm or two may may approach severe limits, producing locallystrong wind gusts over 45 mph [that are] capable of knocking down tree limbs …

Heavy rain, strong winds to blast eastern US on Wednesday

AccuWeather.com-7 hours ago
Strong winds produced by the storm system will continue to push eastward. Gusts topping 50 mph are possible with the potential to knock down …

Story image for strong wind from Windpower Monthly (subscription)

Vattenfall’s strong wind performance overshadowed by impairments

Windpower Monthly (subscription)-5 hours ago
The company’s wind assets performed strongly with net sales increasing from SEK 5.2 billion (€558 million) in 2014 to SEK 6.7 billion (718 …

Story image for strong wind from Fox 59

Record warmth for Groundhog Day; strong winds and storms sweep 

Fox 59-14 hours ago
Winds are strong at all levels and any t-storm that can build vertically will bring potential damaging winds down to the surface.

Story image for strong wind from CBS 8 San Diego

Pacific storm expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds

CBS 8 San Diego-Jan 31, 2016
8 Weather Update: January 31, 2016 (4:19 p.m.). SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Severe thunderstorms and fierce, cold winds pounded San Diego …
Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, Possible Thunder as El Nino-Fueled 
International-NBC 7 San Diego-Jan 31, 2016

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Story image for strong wind from WKRN.com

Nashvillians weather through strong winds Tuesday

WKRN.com-17 hours ago
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If there is anything that people remember so far about this day, it’s the wind, especially for thousands bracing it …

Story image for strong wind from Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Warm temps, strong winds in store for most of Wednesday

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle-3 hours ago
Warm temperatures are ahead for Wednesday, along with strong winds that may damage trees or cause isolated power outages in the area, …
5300 without power in CNY as strong winds knock down trees, wires
International-Syracuse.com-1 hour ago

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Story image for strong wind from Washington Post

Strong Wind Damages Super Bowl City, Downs Trees

CBS Local-Feb 1, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Strong winds ripped through the Bay Area Sunday night and damaged Super Bowl City in San Francisco’s …

Story image for strong wind from NBC 7 San Diego

Strong Winds, Heavy Rain Leaves Thousands Without Power

NBC 7 San Diego-Feb 1, 2016
strong, El Nino-fueled storm that brought heavy rain, wind and thunder left more than 38,000 homes without power Sunday, all due to …

Story image for strong wind from KTLA

High Surf, Strong Winds Batter SoCal Coast; Surf Advisories in Effect

KTLA-Feb 1, 2016
High surf and strong winds have battered the Southern California coast recently, prompting several high surf advisories that were still in effect …

Story image for strong wind from Los Angeles Times

Winds topping 115 mph hit Southern California; 1 killed when tree 

Los Angeles Times-Jan 31, 2016
Strong winds were expected to cause flight problems at Los Angeles International Airport, and forecasters said there was enough instability …

Colorado poised for heavy snowfall, strong winds

The Denver Post-Feb 1, 2016
The Front Range is positioned for a one-two punch of heavy snowfall and strong windgusts, creating a perfect storm of slick roads and reduced …

Story image for strong wind from fox5sandiego.com

Strong winds, soaked ground uproot trees throughout county

fox5sandiego.com-Jan 31, 2016
SAN DIEGO – Fierce, cold winds blew through San Diego County Sunday, causing trees to topple, road closures and some flooding. One driver …

Story image for strong wind from Golf Channel (blog)

Tee times moved up with rain, strong wind in forecast

Golf Channel (blog)-Jan 30, 2016
The forecast for the final round at Torrey Pines calls for periods of heavy rain and sustained winds of 35 mph, with gusts up to 50.

Story image for strong wind from CBS Local

Strong Winds Uproot Trees, Knock Down Power Lines Across 

CBS Local-Feb 1, 2016
Wind advisories were in place in Southern California on Monday, asstrong gusts downed trees and power poles and ripped off rooftops — and …

UAE forecast: Strong winds turn seas rough

Emirates 24|7-10 hours ago
Latest: The NCMS has forecast that strong winds are likely to turn the seas rough again by noon today. While the weather will remain fair …

Strong winds, storms coming to Nashville Tuesday

The Tennessean-Jan 31, 2016
From blankets of snow and cold to t-shirts and shorts in just six days, Nashville weather’s multiple personalities often show radical change.

Story image for strong wind from Los Angeles Times

Strong winds sweep across Southland

Los Angeles Times-Feb 1, 2016
Wind gusts topped 61 mph in Beverly Hills, 40 mph in Venice and 80 mph in Angeles National Forest on Sunday and continued to bestrong on …

Story image for strong wind from KGO-TV

Strong winds bring down large trees around Bay Area

KGO-TV-Feb 1, 2016
Imagine if THIS was in your front yard. Clean-up underway in Redwood City right now. Result of yesterday’s winds… pic.twitter.com/9sIhbQC6I0.

Story image for strong wind from Sacramento Bee

Video: Strong wind beats big tree; big tree beats BMW

Sacramento Bee-Feb 1, 2016
Alison Rielli said she is grateful that she and daughter Ava Winberry,7, were out of her BMW sedan when a tree blown over bystrong wind …

2.  Wild weather, and ‘second sun sighting’ (there are actually at least two new objects in our sky… the blue kachina, and the red kachina).

Wild Unseasonable Weather + World Second Sun Sightings = Wake Up! ET Announcements Forthcoming

3. What happens after the weather gets irratic?

Cree Prophecy Predicted Channeled Messages, And Predicts 4 Days Of Darkness Comes After Erratic Weather 

4.  The magnetic dance between earth and Nibiru, is seen with our eyes:

Earth Wobbling in a figure 8 pattern.

Jet Stream is wobbling

Magma under our feet is sloshing

5.  Almost inconceivable changes in our geomagnetic field… are we nearing this time?

Almost Inconceivable Changes in the Geomagnetic Field,
Science Frontiers, Sep-Oct 1995.

Mainstream geophysicists could not believe the 3°/day figure because it implied incredibly rapid changes in the flow of those molten materials within the earth that supposedly generate the geomagnetic field. The Steens Mountain data were tabled; that is, dismissed. The three researchers, though, continued their labors at Steens Mountain and have now offered additional, even more impressive data. They now find that the geomagnetic field probably shifted as much as 6° in a single day. Their work has been carried forward so professionally and meticulously that other scientists are finding their conclusions harder and harder to dismiss. Instead, the search is on for explanations of the rapid field changes.

Such changes in magnetic direction would indeed happen within a day if a pole shift had happened, ripping the crust from the magnetic core and moving it to a different location within an hour.
A correct interpretation of the Steens Mountain data.
But being scary, other interpretations, or simply denial, are preferred.
Other evidence of crustal shifts on the Earth’s surface are the ice ages, which in fact are simply spots on the surface which were perched at the North or South poles at that time.
Wandering poles, where hardened lava points to as the North or South pole, are also explained by the shifting crust explanation.


6.  . Okay, so humans know something is up… what does Zetatalk say?

Planetary Magnetism

So what can we expect, during the magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X?
For starters, think of these planets, Earth and Planet X, as magnets.
Then think of what magnets do, when placed closed to each other.
They either go end to end, N Pole of one to the S Pole of another, or they line up side by side, both with their N Poles pointing in the same direction.
This is what magnets do.

ZetaTalk: What Magnets Do, written Feb 8, 2004

An Analysis of the solar system and how the planets line up, as magnets, with the Sun shows a variety of positions. Earth and Mercury, both with magnetic cores and in close proximity to the Sun, align alongside of the Sun attempting to form one large magnet. Bar magnets, free to move, will snap together side by side to form one large magnet, but planets held apart from each other or their Sun by the gravity Repulsion Force cannot actually touch. The large gaseous planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are in a Reversed polarity, as they are simply a conduit for the flow of magnetic particles, not themselves magnets. And Neptune and Pluto align themselves with the magnetic flow lines, from afar, as iron ore shavings will do when laid next to a magnet. All the planets are on the Ecliptic and none are approaching the Sun to sliding past the Sun’s S Pole as Planet X is doing. Thus, when sliding past either of the Sun’s poles as it passes the Sun, there is likely to be a tilt in Planet X. How else does a magnet move from being an end-to-end magnet, to becoming a side-by-side magnet, thence returning to an end-to-end posture? It tilts. Temporarily.

Not every planet is magnetic.
Were Earth not a magnetic planet, Planet X could pass and there would BE no pole shift, no wandering poles, no ice ages, no renting apart of the continents, no mountain building or climate changes.
What makes a planet a magnetic planet?

ZetaTalk: Planetary Magnetism, written Feb 15, 1996.

Planets act as magnets in accordance with their composition and liquidity. In this regard the Earth is a magnet, as it has a high concentration of iron in both its core and crust, and its core is fluid. The strongest magnets are produced from softened or melted ore, as the atoms are free to line up end to end. The core of the Earth is perpetually in this state, and thus it acts like a huge magnet, as large as the globe itself. Magnetic influences between planets are greater than humans imagine, because they use as their frame of reference objects on the surface. The Earth’s crust is magnetically diffuse, representing many different pole alliances over the eons, as magma hardened after volcanic eruptions during pole shifts. The Earth’s thick crust acts as a shield in this way, so that only sensitive needles on compasses, floating freely, jiggle into alignment with the Earth’s core.

A planet’s magnetic influence is not encapsulated by its crust, but reaches beyond this even to the ends of the solar system. The Earth’s magnetism oozes around the various crustal plates acting as shields to recreate its essential alignment out in space, considering any confusion the crust may have presented as no more than an annoyance. A resonance is involved, so that the magnetic field can reestablish itself, filling in any blanks. Thus, when magnetized planets encounter each other, such as when Planet X passes near the Earth, the strength of their reaction to each other is much greater than man might imagine. Mankind’s tiny magnets are but specks on the surface of thick crusts acting as shields. Below the surface, in the liquid core of the Earth, and in resonance high above the surface, is where the real magnetic drama occurs.

OK, planets that are magnets have Iron in their core.
So, what makes Iron induce the flow of magnetic particles such that a magnetic field develops?

ZetaTalk: Ferromagnetism, written Apr 15, 1996

From childhood to adulthood, magnets have fascinated man. Young children are given sets of magnets to play with, linking them end to end. School children are shown, with iron ore dust, just how those invisible magnetic lines reach and curl, preparatory to a lecture about the Earth’s magnetic field and on to how to use the compass when lost in the woods. The use of magnets so permeates industrialized human society that one would be hard pressed to find an aspect not affected. Claspless doors are secured with magnets, airplanes fly on automatic based on magnetic alignment, and recyclers separate out metal with magnets, to name but a few. Yet magnetism is not understood by man, though theories abound. It’s clear that something flows, but just what is flowing is unknown. It’s clear that direction is important, but just what is dictating this direction is unclear. It’s clear that magnetism occurs naturally, especially in certain ores such as iron, but what it is that is special about iron ore is a puzzle.

Magnetism is the palpable, measurable effect of a subatomic particle not yet delineated by man. In fact, there are several dozen sub-atomic particles involved, out of the 387 involved in what humans assume to be simply the flow of electrons. Where electric current can be made to flow in any direction, the path of least resistance, magnetic flow seems to be very single minded. In fact, it is also going in the path of least resistance, as can be seen when one understands the path and what constitutes resistance for magnetic flow. Unlike electricity, which only occasionally flows in nature, the flowing sub- atomic particles that constitute a magnetic field are constantly flowing. This is the natural state, to be in motion. The path of least resistance, therefore, is to go with the flow, and the flow is determined by the biggest bully in the vicinity.

A single atom of iron, isolated, will establish the direction of flow based on the tightly orbiting electron particles, of which there are hundreds of sub-types. These tight orbits arrange themselves in a manner not unlike the planets around a sun, but the field, of course, is much more crowded. Given the fairly static number of these particles that will hang around an iron ore nucleus, the orbiting swirl may have a rhythm, rather than a steady hum. Put 3 groups of 3 into a cycle of 10 and you have whomp whomp whomp pause. Should the cycle, based on the nucleus and the electron sub-atomic particles it attracts due to its size and composition, be 4 groups of 3 in a cycle of 12, you would have whomp whomp whomp whomp. The steady hum of the second cycle does not lack a magnetic flow, it is just diffuse. The irregular cycle in the first example finds the magnetic flow escaping during the pause. Being attracted again to the best partner in the vicinity, the single iron atom, the magnetic sub-atomic particles will circle around, taking the path of least resistance which of course is on the other side of the atom from the outward flow.

Placing a second iron atom next to the first finds the two lining up, so the flow escaping during the pause of each goes in the same direction. This is a bit like forcing a second water flow into a flowing stream. Toss a stick into both forceful streams and you will see that the water flows are moving in the same direction as much as possible – the path of least resistance. In this manner the magnetic flow of the largest bully forces all else in the neighborhood to line up. Where the iron ore atoms are caught in an amalgam and not altogether free to shift their positions within the amalgam, the magnetic flow may physically move the amalgam, this being, again, the path of least resistance. For those who would state that magnetism is not a thing, as it can’t be weighted or measured or seen, we would point to the child’s trick whereby two magnets are held positive end to positive end. Let go and they move so that they are aligned positive end to negative end. What made these magnets move, if not a thing?

6 Steps

Just as gravity is a dominant force affecting our planet Earth, magnetism, during pole shifts, dominates.
As Planet X twists and turns during its passage past the Sun, it tosses our Earth around like a rag doll, the lesser magnet.
At first, when Planet X is not directly between the Earth and Sun, this is a secondary influence.
The pole shift happening only when Planet X stands between the Earth and Sun, negating the Sun’s influence temporarily.
But prior to that point, the pole shift point, several steps in the magnetic dance occur.
I will detail them, one at a time.
They are:
1. daily tugging on the magnetized Atlantic Rift
2. an Earth wobble caused by pushing and pulling on the N and S poles
3. a lean to the left as the N Pole of Planet X hoses toward Earth
4. 3 days of darkness and 6 days of sunrise West when this becomes extreme
5. a grip on the Atlantic Rift causing rotation stoppage
6. the pole shift itself.

More very significant info. at this link  http://www.zetatalk.com/index/blog0913.htm

7.  Now we know why the Atlantic ocean is empty of ships….. the Atlantic Ocean is magnetically active!  They are preparing for Nibiru… will the rest of the earthlings, or will they be washed away, clutching their money and cell phones… will humanity move from ME… TO WE… real fast… there is no other choice now.


ÈIn the latest sign that the world is simply running out of capacity when it comes to coping with an inexorable supply of commodities, three diesel tankers en route from the Gulf to Europe did something rather odd on Wednesday: they stopped, turned around in the middle of the ocean, and headed back the way they came! 

“At least three 37,000 tonne tankers – Vendome Street, Atlantic Star and Atlantic Titan – have made U-turns in the Atlantic ocean in recent days and are now heading back west,” Reuters reported, citing its own tracking data.



Investigating Claims “North Atlantic Trade Ground to a Halt …

Jan 11, 2016 – If no ships were moving, this would indeed be news and some reputable news site … TEU stands for twenty-foot-equivalent unit. … north atlantic-winter-holiday season-weak global economy; makes sense things are slow. … Interesting to note that the 0-24yr/old population ceased growing across the OECD  …

From Kauilapele:

I just found this one today (via a FB feed), from 1-8-16, which is entitled, “Historic First: North Atlantic EMPTY of Cargo Ships in-transit – ALL anchored along coasts; none moving“. And it says the same thing.

“Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before… The reason commerce has stopped is simple: People are not buying things. When people do not buy things, retailers do not sell things, so they do not order more goods for stock.

Put simply, the global economy is LITERALLY stopping. Right now. Today.”


Basically… Nibiru is having a very profound effect on the world economy… kinda a pink elephant in the room of the biggest proportions imaginable.

Are we in the times preceeding the 3-5 days of darkness ?

Cree Prophecy Predicted Channeled Messages, And Predicts 4 Days Of Darkness Comes After Erratic Weather 

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