03 February 2016



GOING INTO ASCENSION OVERDRIVE… THUS, CHOOSING TO KEEP THIS BODY THIS TIME – In this moment, I can be a gift, in my presence, with a gift in my hands…. and that gifts can, shall and will, carry on like a ripple into infinity, because we are on earth as time dissolves, this takes this process into overdrive. You like to go fast, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. The remaining issues are now being cleared, that block people from their own souls. As you connect with your soul, your energy will ultimately expand, with some nice naps in between. What is required now for you to keep up with mother earth’s own cleansing, is the furthest, most detoxed, most clear connection to your own soul. Let no third party (including your ego) tamper with your connection with your soul. Did you create or destroy yourself today? How deep you are able to connect with your soul, can be measured by whether your energy goes towards assisting others to create themselves, or attempts to destroy others. Syrian refugees are refugees, because ‘first world’ soulless entities, are too weak in spirit connection to help others to create themselves…. greed, and the desire to create Armageddon in the middle east… notice how suppressors will seek to justify their presence there. Soon all may know the taste of the mouth of a refugee because those who seek another’s home, may find themselves homeless… the world shall shake like earthlings cannot even imagine… and by the end of the shaking you with either be connected with soul, or you will not be here, however your spirit lives on… by then the choice is made: that you are either consciously or unconsciously choosing to give up this particular body. Those who choose to keep this body, and choosing the physical ascension, are the Light of the world… for they teach people how to live, instead of die. You are so very important, but if you choose to not rise to your soul, neither you or anyone else, ever has to suffer for it again. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you treat the world. How you treat the world, is a reflection of your soul/Creator connection. Activate your soul connection…. activate your spirit connection… choose to be adventurous… choose to go beyond you have ever gone before in this lifetime… choose to go beyond all other souls, not on earth, have not gone before, in any lifetime.

Nibiru flyby.

See the sky spirits. 

Indian in the machine



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