30 January 2016

It’s Practically Official!!! Giant Red Object Over Spain, Matches Leaked Nasa Footage, And US Navy Subliminal Commercial (And Even Kolbrin Bible Prophecy)


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  1. Hi there to my cosmic galactic friend and supplyer of important info,knowledge.From barry.Im sharing as much as i can from your wonderful website. its good for us the LIGHTWORKERS in the UK,And for those who havnt yet woken up from the hypnosis of mind control that we have all been under in the worlds matrix of beauty and a screwed up mother earth.I have also mentioned you to our galactic friends up there in the skies while they are cloaked or flying around the UK.I can safely say and am proud to say that i work for the G-F-L.And i work for the the ANDRO-MEDIANS of the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT,during the sleep-time, And in a forest also to communicate nr a BIG PORTAL/sanctuary and meet with the ELEMENTALS/UNDYINGS/SALAMANDERS/SYLPHS and my big bear and all kinds of cosmic beings of the LIGHT.I cannot yet see them but i know that they are there listning to what im sharing to them about what you and i know. while i also skype with my TWIN-FLAME in canada.I do my part in the crystal team healing the PORTALS, but at the same time, it can be a bit expensive trying to get CRYSTALS lately.I also promote the NESARA announcements that they say is going to be in the 1ST 2 wks of FEB-2016. and i also promote the COSMIC EVENT, and the WAVES, and they say we know of you of the indianinthemachine so many thanks in what you do.. Thank-you, with galactic hugs and love

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      Thanks for connecting and bringing the news of a new financial day… and for seeking and sharing with our extended creature family beyond all borders… keep partying with those salamanders. 🙂 hug, D

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